Self Healing E-Book DOWNLOAD

The book is offered in two formats.

  • Also, the Adobe .pdf format.
  • In the DNL  e-book page flip format

Both of these can be downloaded below. It is NOT offered in ‘paper’ real book format, there are no paper copies left. If want to paper version print out one of the formats below.

‘The DEAL’

If you download it, read it but it’s not for you then fair enough.

If however you start working with it actively then you come back here and ”gift’ me for my time, effort and experience.

There is a ‘donate’ page to do this HERE – Thanks.

Self Healing Book in PDF Format Download

Clicking on this line will start a download of the .PDF format book.

PLEASE NOTE that I’ve zipped the .pdf file. So, you must download it and unzip this file before you can start reading it in a .pdf viewer. Obviously you must have a .pdf reader to use this format. If you have not then Click HERE for a PC. If you have a mac then click HERE and read the web page about downloading a Mac reader.


Self Healing E-Book in DNL e-book Flip page format

I am also offering this book as a fully open e-book which means that you are free to download it and read ALL of it without any limits. This e-book format allows;

  • Searching within the book itself.
  • Printout outs of any or all pages.
  • The creation, editing and saving of notes within the book itself to help you work with it as effectively as possible.
  • Immediate access to book contents (the index).
  • Flip over pages – just like a real book.

Brief downloading Instructions

To read the book you need to download BOTH the e-book and the e-book reader which you need to view the book This is not complicated and I fully explain how to do this below. To start click on the link below to download the e-book. The book is a zipped file as so clicking on the link below should activate your web browsers download function. Once this is downloaded you need to unzip this file.

Download the Self Healing Handbook

Then download the e-book reader software by clicking on the ‘Reader’ download link below. Once downloaded run this program to install the reader on your computer. Clicking on the e-book file opens it ready for reading.

There are more detailed instructions below.

More Detailed Download Instructions of E-Book Format

  1. Download the e-book by clicking on the download graphic above. Or DOWNLOAD by clicking HERE
  2. Unzip the downloaded file. (usually if you ‘right click’ there will be a menu option for unzipping, Or clicking on a zip file will open your unzipping software).
  3. Download the e-book DNL reader installer. Do this by clicking on the ‘Get DNL READER’ graphic above. Or GO HERE
  4. Run the reader installer to install the reader on your computer. This is basically a PC program.
  5. Now just click on your e-book file to start reading it.

People occasionally have had problems, if you cannot make the E-Book format work then download the PDF version?

The e-book reader can be used on any PC or a Mac which can run PC software. The book opens to a screen size of 800 by 600 which will accommodate the type of display that 99% of you are using. The Self Healing Handbook e-book was created using DeskTopAuthor publishing software.

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