Author’s Bio and Spiritual Journey

I was manager of a research instrumentation unit within the medical and dental schools of the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Before this I worked in various capacities as a supporting research scientist particularly within the biological and medical areas with papers in the fields of child health, metabolic medicine, environmental biology, plant biology, microbiology, diabetes, sample analysis, mass spectrometry and more. I also had my own business at the same time writing software for statistical and graphical analysis of research data.

Science to Spiritual Awakening

However, this rational, logical, academic and ordered approach to life was somewhat blown away in early 1995 by a ‘spiritual awakening experience’ which was the start of what would become a continuous spiritual journey. It was in effect a continuous awakening; every week, every day, sometimes every hour there is a new revelation and of course another belief, knowing, realization or model would be shattered in the process. This new awareness led me to leave science to start work as a self employed transformational therapist at the end of 1997.

What is this book trying to convey

Many of us assume that our basic paradigms; beliefs, ideas, models and so on that we hold to and live by are correct. As a medical research scientist by profession originally I was fully steeped in and lived the scientific assumptions on which that model of reality relies for a full 16 years then I had my spiritual awakening experience. As such I do appreciate that it is quite difficult to make a movement from such a strongly held set of assumptions, particularly as those around you unquestioningly take them to be really real truths and consider you to be lost and so on if you start straying beyond their boundaries (while trying to reach escape velocity for example).

Well, rather than become lost I not only found more of myself but also a much larger and lets say more ‘truthful’ model of reality too. I did this by taking on and fully living the new age / spiritual / ascension / energy healing / lightworker assumptions. In my terms I became a really real scientist; a true explorer of the unknown. As much as scientists would like it to be otherwise this particular set of assumptions cannot be studied or investigated or ‘researched’ to reach an understanding of them, they can only be fully lived to achieve this. (Which sort of sinks the scientific method like a brick in water – tough eh!!).

Letting go of limiting paradigms & beliefs

With this history in mind then understand that part of what is conveyed in this book are alignments and support based on my ability and experience of being able to let go of limiting paradigms (science for one, an enlightenment path another) to find something deeper. You also have to understand that the scientific paradigms are entirely true but are only so within a very limited context and as ‘letting go‘ of limiting contexts is partially what this time is about then there is an emphasis within the book that will support you to do this.

The information offered by the book educates you in ways that will expand your ideas and concepts while making you more aware of a range of pitfalls and internal avoidances and also perhaps well intentioned but limited guidance and so on. This book is not about gluing yourself to or RELYING on any ‘divine’ or other beings in spirit or elsewhere or to make you assume that good intentions correlate to experience, competence or expertise. As you attract what most resonates to help you understand what limits you then this can mean that certain well intentioned beings turn up because they are in fact what is currently most responsible for doing this.

The Spiritual Journey never stops

So, one of the intentions of this book is about giving you the basis to orientate your intention and awareness to help you most empower YOURSELF. I would have stayed in science if I was unwilling to not only see but to openly look at the contradictions presented to me.

To put this into an even more definitive context; My view of reality is even larger NOW as a result of working to the alignments that I present in this book such that I have moved beyond WHAT I PRESENT WITHIN IT.

So, this book is not about holding you to something it is about helping to set you free to a point that you should even move beyond it.

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