Statements of Focused Intent

The following is a list of all the topics that the Statements of Intent from the book can be grouped into. Some of the statements of intent listed in these groups are hyper-linked to separate pages where the full statement is presented for you to view and or work with.

E-Book Statements of Intent Listed by TOPIC

  • Balancing Duality Aspects
  • Belief System Adjusting
  • Breaking INTENTS
  • Breaking and Moving Beyond Limits
  • Conditioning – freeing yourself from
  • Dark Side Issues
  • Death Issues
  • Emotional and Emotion Issues
  • Energy & Negativity Clearing
  • Entity Attachments and Releases
  • Evolving – Committing To
  • Fear Issues
  • Foundation Keys
  • Grounding Issues
  • Group Work
  • Guidance Alignment Issues
  • Implants & Imprints
  • Interference Issues
  • Integrations
  • Karmic Issues
  • Letting GO of the Unnecessary Things
  • Letting GO
  • Loving Unconditionally
  • Memory Issues
  • Negative Thought Issues
  • Protection
  • Re-Balancing & Re-Aligning
  • Responsibility Issues
  • Soul Creation Issues
  • Soul Parent Issues
  • Soul Quality Issues
  • Targeting the Physical
  • Trusting
  • Truth – Committing To
  • UNITY – Moving into

If you want to read more about us of will with respect to working with a focused intent then read this page HERE.

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