Preface – An Introduction to the book

This handbook was originally written as a manual and guide book to be used with the PERSONAL UNITY Facilitator – one of the energy tools that I started to develop in late ’96. At that time it was about sixty pages in length and contained all that I knew about transformation and embracing GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. In reality very little at that point.

The focused drive that I have to evolve myself automatically results in my being magically provided with all that I need to do this, the energies, the Divine support, the understanding and so on. This experience is then immediately passed on and incorporated into all the individual elements of my current role as a spiritual growth facilitator. In this respect, the Transformational Healing approach, this Handbook and the energy tools were always being continually updated. Such has been life for the last three years now. (Summer 1997 – Summer 2000).

What you have here now is probably the very final version of this book although I quite honestly cannot guarantee that this is so. I am happy however that it is more than enough to bring to completion one of the agreements with which I came here.

This book essentially gives you some idea of the movement I have made into my UNIFIED SELF while at the same time giving you access to the means that I used to achieve this movement. You could also say that it always represents who I am and where I am at the point of its writing.

I could summarise this approach by saying that my whole being is hugely focused on evolving. I then openly ask for what I need to progress spiritually without expectation or preconceptions. Things then magically happen to facilitate me in this movement. You are presented with my experience and the explanations here in this handbook to facilitate you in the same way.

This book is also in a sense channelled but not it seems as others channel. The thousands of Divine consciousness’ that have contributed to its content, structure and presentation have been continually changing and shifting over the last three years or so, in line with my own rapid evolution and soul growth. As this journey has proceeded I have then stepped into and progressively embraced more of ALL THAT I AM EVERYWHERE. In doing this I have found I am now often presenting (rather than channelling) what in the end I find to be MYSELF.

You will find it very direct, down to earth and extremely empowering. It will shake many of you and it will shock others. It will wake some of you up and others that thought they were awake will be somewhat embarrassed to find that the waking up is in fact just the alarm clock going off and it is now time to put the rest of the day to good use.

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