Attachments from Past Life Interactions – Some Notes

Most of these are from past lifetimes, although some people can forget that they may create attachments in this one too. They are described below.

This section illustrates very nicely why I have always made it clear to all the Beings that come to facilitate me that I will not hold onto any of them. I have asked them as part of their job that they must continually find other Beings to support me as my energies, awareness and situations change so that I can make this journey as fast and efficiently as possible.

I remind you that LETTING GO is one of the main requirements to partake of this Divine game.

Attachments from this Life Interactions – Some Notes:

In the same way that we have connected to people strongly in past lives, we can be doing this in this life also. Some people class these as ‘negative’ entities. However if you look at it from the perspective of reaching DIVINE UNITY then any entity that has bonding connections either from it to you, you to it or both to each other simply has to be dealt with. It is largely irrelevant what the circumstances were, who was to blame, who caused what to whom. The bottom line is that you are BOTH disabled by these ties, you are both trapped. To barrier yourself off from this entity, to run away is not going to resolve your differences. So, I see these ‘negative’ entities as positive, they have turned up so that you can do whatever you need to do to be released from them forever.

Past Life Attachments, Past Life Entity Attachments:

Obviously we have all had both good and bad associations in past lives which can result in psychic attachments between yourself and these others. When you are working closely and sincerely with Divine Spirit, they present these entities to you under very controlled conditions so that you can deal with them appropriately and permanently. Even in these supported conditions it can still be hairy particularly with Demonic or Shape Shifter types. For those that are not aware of entities and the risk of attachments then they can cause major problems. Many methods of dealing with these are covered in this handbook. Having had a rich and varied existence in many past lives I am aware that I have many dodgy past life associations to deal with. In the last four years alone, I have processed a couple of thousand of these entities and again I don’t see them as negative – just a necessary part of the process for me to reach Divine Unity. Many people, and this includes healers, are horrified at the thought of having negative entities around them. Many choose to react to these things with fear and terror (which is the worst possible approach). The key to dealing with these entities is quality energies, objective expertise and solid Divine support.

Spirit Helpers, Spirit Guides and others Sometimes Cannot Let Go Either:

No, I am not trying to get you confused. Here are some examples:

  • Quite often spirit helpers are sometimes with you because they cannot let go of you and their advice may becoming from emotional attachment rather than Divine awareness.
  • Sometimes people also get too attached to certain members of their Spirit Support team and don’t want to let go of them either. Although this is fine for those working as mediums, for anyone who is a paid up member of the evolving into their Divine Selves team then this will certainly be holding them back.
  • I have regularly helped people who have spirit guides who won’t move on when they have finished their task. When this happens they hold you to a lower energy vibration.

Advice Pages if you think you have an entity Attachment and Need More Information to help me deal with it . . .

For more updated understandings and advice on dealing with entity attachments as well as extended ideas of how to get rid of one yourself then the following pages on my web site are worth checking out. Clicking on any of the links below will open that page for you to read . . .

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