What is this book Offering?

Many on this planet at this time are becoming aware that they are not living in ways that are best facilitating themselves. We could describe this by saying that we are out of right relationship with ourselves. When this is the case then we are automatically out of right relationship with all others as well as the Earth. Many are concerned with this situation and wish to find new ways of being and new ways of relating that are more honouring, empowering and freeing.

Relating in new ways and living in new ways involves change, this is obvious. What is less obvious perhaps is that we each have to take responsibility for WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO. In other words to change the world we have to change ourselves and to change ourselves requires us to look at our lives and ourselves with honesty. In essence, each of us is responsible for the reality that we create and it is YOUR current conscious or unconscious focus that manifests your life and all that you experience.

For 38 years I was not happy with my reality. What I was creating in my life was not in alignment with what I wanted in my heart or with what I knew and deeply felt was possible. At the same time it seemed the tools and understanding that would help me change and manifest a better reality, to make me happier and more content were few in number and inadequate for the task.

This is because we have time honoured models that keep us in fear, control, manipulation and so on. In all, we have shown ourselves to be very efficient at causing suffering on a large scale to our planet, each other and ourselves. That we do this is entirely obvious and observable to all those who wish to see it. However our greatest skills are the ability to look without seeing and to listen without hearing. We are experts at burying our heads in the sand, at keeping our eyes on our shoes as we embarrassingly shuffle along praying that no one will notice and hoping that if we are really lucky and wait long enough it will miraculously and magically sort itself out. This however will not happen.

We have many and sophisticated ways of justifying this position. So, for example some state it is GOD’S WILL and therefore it is not for us to interfere, little knowing that as we are all at one with GOD then it is by OUR WILL that this happens.

You cannot begin to change something you are in denial about. So, as long as you hide from yourself, as long as you keep your head buried and your heart sealed off then nothing will change. This is the TRUTH.

Those who came out of denial and took steps to adjust themselves had to pioneer and develop the tools necessary to do this. Because of this there are now a huge and steadily increasing range of energy systems, methods and approaches available to help people more effectively change and to be more of what they know IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE.

Changing your dysfunctional attitudes, your entrapping belief systems, your faulty mind-sets, your disabling conditioning and so on is very hard and requires perseverance and determination. Yes, we have to stop killing each other, destroying our environment, poisoning ourselves and so on! However, to do this effectively requires that you first change yourself. This I know because this is what I have been doing now for many years. When you do this, then you are better able to manifest all that you desire; a more honouring reality, a freer society, a happier family and a united and secure world.

It has been and IS my DESIRE and my WILL to manifest a new reality here and SO IT WILL BE. If you choose to do the same and you want better ways to more effectively BE love, BE joy, BE happiness, BE united and so on then this handbook will help you do just that.

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