Moving Towards Equality

Statement: A Commitment to Equality within a Group

This is a time to empower people and this is a time to lead by letting others lead and a time to teach by letting others do the same.


‘We invite ALL THAT WE ARE everywhere to be with us NOW. We invite Divine Spirit and all the Divine energies to work with ALL THAT WE ARE on all levels and all existences right back to our soul birth and beyond.’

‘We ask to be given everything we need to move away from old models and old conceptions about what may be. We ask to be given access within ourselves to all the places we have existed on different levels to provide us with better models that will enable us to live together while at the same time honouring each other to each BE WHO WE ARE.’

‘We ask the Divine to work with us to inspire us to the core of our being and to help us manifest the absolute best that we can that will honour ALL. We ask for this now – and so it is – Thank you.’

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