The Divine Alignment or otherwise of energy systems

As reaching DIVINE UNITY involves (amongst other things) releasing yourself from limits and breaking into freedom then why do many healing systems claiming to do this supply you with a rigid methodology and limiting philosophies.

I have found by direct experience that many energies in popular use are simply not aligned with the DIVINE (that is with DIVINE LOVE, DIVINE TRUTH, DIVINE WILL and DIVINE WISDOM). This shocked me initially, but the closer I came to my own DIVINE SELF the more I see that whenever we make judgements we are simply confirming how separated we are.

The simple truth is that NONE of the energy systems that we have at the present time are totally aligned with the DIVINE. Again we tend to take what we are told for granted when we train within a healing practice. How many of you investigated what you were told for yourself rather than just accepting the information that you were given? Also, how many of you would have been able to understand that even if you were told that your energies were not aligned, that they were the best that you could work with at that time. I know that I would have felt very let down and been very confused had I found this out too early. This is an example of one of the many areas that it is not in your highest interests for DIVINE SPIRIT to be actually truthful. Many so-called LIGHT WORKERS would probably grind to a halt with the shock.

Understand that it is essential that everything unfold at a gradual and proper rate. This unfolding is moving us away from fear, conditioned reactions and dysfunctional belief systems into GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. All the things that many people are steadfastly clinging to as if their life depended on it. In essence, moving too fast would not facilitate us; the shock for some would be too great. At the same time we also have to have periods of rest and integration. For many this can be a slow process, it can take a long time for some people to let go of certain things.

In essence if you were to connect to high capacity, high quality Divine energies too early then you would either burn out or end up as a psychiatric impatient. At the same time, understand that if you are working with energies as a healer specifically to evolve yourself and others then you should always be willing to let go of your current energy selection and move into higher more aligned energies. You should be open to do this ALL OF THE TIME. There are some healers that are not facilitating either themselves or others by making the assumption that what they are channelling is the best. How can anyone expect to evolve beyond where they are when they hold themselves to any limits?

I remind you that your guidance provides feedback with regard to how open you are and how much TRUTH you can handle. Everything ultimately comes from source, but virtually nothing here comes directly. What you should be doing is cultivating an appreciation that you are always working with the best that you are able to at any particular time but also to hold yourself in readiness to move into more effective better aligned energies that have a greater emphasis on evolving people and to have the willingness to let go of the old to do so.

In important ways energies that are very misaligned are doing a great job, they can be helping people feel better and providing relief from many challenges and conditions. Those that are very ‘dark’ can be doing a great and ultimately essential job of presenting people with the opportunity of facing their own darkness.

Please note that some of the more extreme non-aligned energies are designed to keep you trapped. In this respect if you feel outraged that someone might be suggesting that ‘shock horror’ your energies might not be designed to facilitate you spiritually then I repeat THIS IS EXACTLY THE POSSIBILITY THAT I AM SUGGESTING.

If you are working with high level Divinely orientated energies and Beings then they would applaud your professionalism in carrying out an energy hygiene check. On the other hand if the Beings and energies you are working with are not aligned correctly then they may not want you to move on and they will be trying to retain control of you (as happened to me!). If your intention is to move fully into DIVINE SPLENDOUR then make sure that you are connected to energies and are working with Beings that will facilitate you to do this.

Understand also, that everyone has the absolute and total right to do and work in whichever way they wish to and with whatever energies they feel are right for them. Also remember that nothing is inherently better than anything else; there is only WHAT WILL BEST FACILITATE YOU IN WHAT YOU WANT. We also suggest that HONEST observation of what you manifest will confirm whether or not what you choose facilitates you. So for example, stating that you are a first class chef while continuing to cook beans on toast is a bit of a give away.

It is sometimes difficult to identify if energies are particularly misaligned as the apparent results of a healing session can appear the same. However misaligned energies can work by pushing issues and trauma down and then sealing them off. The person can feel good – their symptoms have gone – however they have not really dealt with anything – the issues and trauma are still there and nothing has really shifted. Honouring energies bring these issues and trauma to the surface to be dealt with and released so that the person is totally and completely free from the original causes forever – this (for me) is what true healing is all about.

I would strongly suggest that any healer offering energies to others should, from a professional stance alone, make it their business to know the capabilities and alignment of what they are working with. Anyone suggesting that they are working with energies that will facilitate people to spiritually grow should be checking these energies to ensure that they conform to minimum DIVINE standards (that is, that they are very aligned with DIVINE LOVE, DIVINE TRUTH, DIVINE WILL and DIVINE WISDOM).

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