Detailed Advice & Instructions on How to Release An Entity Attachment

Possession, Spirit Attachments and Spirit Releasement Advice

In essence many issues and incidents from previous existences can result in people forming energy bonds connecting them to others. These connections once made continue throughout space, time and dimensions until they are consciously dealt with and broken.

An example: Say you spend a lifetime with someone you actively dislike. Because of this you make this individual’s life very difficult. Over time they become angry and bitter about this. If you both maintain this lack of acceptance for the duration of that lifetime then it will have to be resolved in a later life.

When you make a commitment to deal with your issues and associated attachments then Divine Spirit will (if it is appropriate) begin contacting those Beings with whom you have these connections. You then become aware over time that a schedule of appointments has been made with these Beings so that you can deal with them in an orderly fashion. This is what they did with me.

During this phase I came to recognise quite quickly when I was not particularly feeling ‘myself’ (ER! in a manner of speaking of course). I would perhaps be moody, angry, frightened or upset with nothing to link these feelings to my current life situations. After a while I got used to asking my Soul Self if I had an entity with me from a previous existence. Nine times out of ten the answer was ‘yes’ and I would then start a ‘negotiation’ procedure with this entity to resolve any problems and then break the ties.

Entity Attachments Keep Returning in Future Lives

Using our example above, if this entity was to return to you now then you would probably find yourself getting very irritable or very angry for no reason. Depending on the past life circumstances either you will re-experience the feelings that you had then or you will be made to feel as the other Being felt. If their situation was very difficult and hard to cope with, then they will often want you to feel as they did, so that you come to understand what it was like for them. This is perhaps another way that Karma is dealt with – you are getting back what you have given.

Another example: A friend who had recently married started having panic and fear attacks for no apparent reason. It transpired that in a previous lifetime she (as a man) had been very much in love with a woman who married another. She couldn’t accept this situation and ended up killing the married woman leaving the husband distraught. Now in this lifetime, the husband from that past life was returning and causing the panic attacks thus putting strain on her current marriage.

The negotiation procedure follows after the usual invocation below. I assume you have already asked whether you have an entity from a previous existence with you. It is recommended that you try the General Release Procedure before you use this one. If you prefer to use this one or you have tried the other without success then fine. I had originally been going to omit this statement from the handbook but my guidance insisted that it stay. I think it’s because some people need to experience this one to one negotiation as part of their path.

We have deliberately kept this negotiation procedure as simple as possible. Whatever you ask will result in either a YES or NO. Obviously you have to be sensitive to communicate in this way. If your intuition is well honed than you will be able to feel what resonates with a YES and what resonates with a NO. If this seems beyond you then use a dowsing method or find someone who can communicate on your behalf (that is they themselves are very plugged in or are an experienced dowser) you could also consider an energy tool.

Statement: How to Negotiate a Negative Entity Release – Easy Method

‘From my Heart and with all my Being, I invite my Divine Soul Self to fully merge with me NOW. In a good and Sacred way I invite Divine Light into my heart and into my entire Being on all Levels. I invite the highest Divine Light Beings and all of my Divine Spirit Teachers, Healers, Guides and Guardians to work with me NOW. All that is done must be for my highest will and good and be fully in alignment with my Divine Soul Essence and Soul Purpose. I ask that this room, the space I occupy, be completely filled and surrounded with Divine Light and Divine Love, as I continue . . .’

‘I also call in the angels of light from the schools of wisdom and knowledge. I ask that these angels explain to any entities in a loving and respectful way what is happening in this situation and to take away all entities released and to honour them for the lessons they have learned. I ask that all be treated with respect and dignity.’

‘Will you speak to me about our past life connections?’

If you get a ‘YES’ then miss the next two statements.

‘In God’s name I ask – are you an honourable person?’

If you get a definite ‘NO’ then proceed to the next section titled – Negotiating an Entity Release – Tough and work through that section.

‘If you are an honourable person then you will speak to me of our past life connections and give honourable answers – will you do this?’

You will get a ‘YES’ answer here.

‘Have we had more than one existence together?’

If ‘NO’ then jump the next statement.

‘Can we deal with all these existences in one go?’

If ‘NO’ then it must not be the time to deal with all of the lives that you have had with regard to this person – the others will be dealt with later.

‘Did I treat you in a way which was not in your highest interests?’

If ‘NO’ then skip the next statement line.

‘I apologise for anything and everything that I have done which was not in your highest interests. Will you accept this and forgive me?’

You ‘should’ always get a ‘YES’ here. If you don’t then explain that we have all had lives where we have given people a hard time – it’s part of how things are here. Explain that it is not serving either of you to continue having these bonds – it is time to let go. Then repeat the question.

‘Did you treat me in any way which was not in my highest interests?’

Skip the next line if you get a ‘NO’

‘I fully and totally forgive you for anything that you may have done to me in any past life.’

‘I honour and respect you for being here and allowing us to deal with our past life situations.’

‘Do you agree to fully and totally release me from these past life situations and to sever all psychic bonds and ties between us?’

You should get a ‘YES’ answer – you may have to wait a bit for it. When you say these lines that are from you then mean it.

‘I agree to fully and totally release us both from all of these past life situations and to sever all psychic bonds and ties between us.’

‘Will you let me speak for both of us to finish this process?’

Again you should get a ‘YES’ answer.

‘To Divine Spirit, we both state that we agree to break these bonds and ties and fully release ourselves from each other for all time.’

‘I ask Divine Spirit to cut all bonds and ties that we have between us and to fully and totally release us from each other completely and forever. I ask that this process begins now and continues until it is fully complete. I ask – and so it is – Thank you.’

The breaking of these bonds will be different for each person. Sometimes they can be felt as swirling energies or in the case of very deeply embedded attachments you can experience shaking in various parts of your body. From experience, this process can take from just a few minutes to an hour and a half to complete (average time five minutes) – stay with it.

How to Negotiate a Difficult Entity Release or Spirit Releasement – How to Deal with a Tough Entity Release

Well, if you are reading this section then you’re in for fun and games. Some entities are a tad reluctant to let go. Most people (say 99 out of 100) should have no or just minor difficulties with their past life releases. However this leaves a lucky few that need to be fully stretched as part of their path – as I have been. I have had at least 12 entities that led me on a merry chase before they would go. Some were just plain bad sports up to a bit (or even a lot) of mischief, others were set-up for me by Spirit as a lesson or multiple lessons; or a combination of the two.

An example: I had one life as a spiritual warrior and during that lifetime I trapped someone in an energy vortex where they took a long time to die. This was for the ‘highest will and good of all’. However I could not equate a ‘spiritual’ existence at that time with killing someone (remember no one dies they just lose a heavy overcoat). So being unable to cope with what I had done I had a few lifetimes after that with the same Being putting myself into situations where I underwent terrible suffering trying to appease my guilt. This entity had also made a vow of everlasting revenge, which was making it hard for it to let go also. It wanted to make things as difficult as possible. When I did get everything set-up correctly (it took me two days to figure out all that was needed), it still came back. But it had come back under the guidance of Spirit to help teach me patience and this entity then spent a few weeks as a spirit guide before leaving. There are wheels within wheels when you are working very close to the DIVINE.

If you try a couple of times to release an entity and it is still around then ask yourself if there is something you are learning from the situation. Is Spirit giving you a lesson that may not at first glance seem obvious? For example if you are very frightened of having this entity with you then perhaps your guides are facilitating a release of fear which is more important than actually getting rid of the entity at this time?

It is also good to remind yourself that it is quite possible that the other person from whom this entity originates is perhaps at this very instant struggling with you as an entity attachment. What goes around comes around. This entity is therefore probably from someone very much like yourself. They have done good things as well as bad just like you. Also, does it not deserve respect for doing what it feels is best for itself? And finally you have had this attachment for how long? Perhaps 50 years or 500 or 50000 or maybe even longer so why worry about it now.

You will get a ‘feel’ for what is right, even when things can seem wrong in a rational way. To me it has felt that for the last 18 months (it’s currently summer 1998 as I write this bit) Divine Spirit has put me through a very organised and structured training programme. When I had the experience of not being able to release an entity, this came after a period of having intense but manageable releases, with each one getting more difficult until finally the last one would seem impossible. It therefore seemed reasonable to me that Spirit was allowing this one to hang around and therefore it was for a good reason. So why should I get worried about it?

Another example: When another entity attachment proved difficult to release I realised after a while that this was because of my habit of facing everything full on and working non stop to solve the problem. I learnt that sometimes the problem is created by concentrating on it, which was what I was doing with this entity. The more energy I put into dealing with it the more it had to stay with me. When I turned away and got on with enjoying life it faded and eventually had nothing to attach to.
With another entity we became bound to each other in our previous existence simply because we always faced each other. Neither of us would ever back down, neither of us would ever give up. So, again the only way to resolve this one was to turn away and let it win. This was a very hard but important lesson.

So, bear the above in mind. Don’t push yourself too hard. Give yourself a well-earned break from entity releases if they are getting too intense. There is absolutely no point in getting worn out or wound up. As you can see from the above actually pulling back sometimes can be the solution when you are in a stalemate.

Give yourself periods of rest, have a joke and a laugh? You may have spent many lifetimes being hard on yourself? Maybe the lifetime with this entity was another of the same. If so, then think about going back to earlier sections and try some positive based instructions and forget about it. There is always a solution and often it appears totally unexpectedly.

Always remind yourself that no matter how difficult an entity release appears to be in essence it’s giving you the opportunity to break these connections once and for all – so thank it for that and thank yourself for having the courage to bring yourself this far.

An Explanation of the Spirit Release Methods and Statements of Intent

Here we give an explanation of all the individual parts of the release statement so that you understand the significance of them all before we move onto presenting the full statement itself.

The Opening Invocation: This is required as usual to get a high-energy field. Make it as high as possible. You can always ask at the end of the invocation whether you have enough energy to complete the release:

‘With full and total intent – I ask, in God’s Name, do I have enough energy connections to completely release this entity?’

Repeat this statement three times and take your last answer. By universal law you must be given a correct answer when you ask the third time.

Calling in the Angels of Light: These angels will reassure the entity, honour its release and treat it well. They will also help to ensure that it does not return once released.

Making as One: With some entities the past lives that you have had with them are from many different and distinct places across dimensions, realms and universes. As the bonds holding you together cross many boundaries it makes the release more complex. Making everything ‘as one’ simplifies the release process, making it easier.

Making a White light Portal: Again, with difficult entities having a portal immediately at hand to transport them directly to the schools of wisdom and knowledge precisely when the release occurs helps prevent them from returning. Some entities are frightened and confused by what is going on and find the whole process difficult. The faster they are taken into loving care, the easier it is for them to understand the situation and accept it.

Anything Else?: Just in case there is something else that needs doing that we have not covered here.

Past Life Re-writing: A great thing to do. It re-writes that past life to give an Honouring, Joyous and Loving outcome, making things easier for everyone else in that lifetime and for yourself in all lifetimes after that. This helps loosen things up for everyone everywhere.

Closing the Portals: Something to think about if you have been over stretching yourself with releasing and you need a break. At times during my own releases a new entity would sometimes appear within five seconds of the previous release. It seemed that I had no control over the next appearance. I am positive that this only happened to me as part of my Spirit guided education programme. I don’t expect it to happen to others. But – just in case – use this statement to take a break.

Past Life Negativity removal: Sometimes my Soul Self and Spirit guidance want me to include negativity removal during an entity release because it is part of what is required to complete the bond breaking. I think it probably helps in past life situations where there was a great deal of bad feeling between you and this other person.

Stating your Commitment to Releasing the Entity: This is a direct and binding statement, which invokes higher level Universal law with respect to this entity release.

The Full Entity Attachment Release Approach

Unless you are absolutely sure about what you need to do I would advise that you use all the instructions in the following sections, especially if you feel that an entity may be compromising your communication, intuition or guidance and in that way, misleading you. ALWAYS remember to try and treat those you are releasing with Love, Respect and Honour.

If you have any doubt then do everything in the following lists. The opening invocation is particularly important; it is the longest one and will give you the highest energy. I would also strongly recommend that you say each set of instructions three times as this makes its effect very much stronger. I know it’s a pain, but it could save you having to start again doing everything in sets of threes anyway. Saying everything in threes is related to the Holy Trinity, which is why it is more effective.

Statement: Negotiating a Tough Entity Attachment Release

‘From my Heart and with all my Being, I invite my Divine Soul Self to fully merge with me NOW. In a good and Sacred way I invite Divine Light into my heart and into my entire Being on all Levels. I invite the highest Divine Light Beings and all of my Divine Spirit Teachers, Healers, Guides and Guardians to work with me NOW. All that is done must be for my highest will and good and be fully in alignment with my Divine Soul Essence and Soul Purpose. I ask that this room, the space I occupy, be completely filled and surrounded with Divine Light and Divine Love, as I continue . . .’

Calling in the Angels of Light:

‘I call in the angels of light from the schools of wisdom and knowledge. I ask that these angels explain to any entities in a loving and respectful way what is happening in this situation and to take away all entities released and to honour them for the lessons they have learned. I ask that all be treated with respect and dignity.’

Past Life Negativity Removal:

‘With Full and Total INTENT, I ask Divine Spirit to provide me with everything that I need to release ALL forms of negative energy and then to completely replace these energies with concentrated love and light. I ask for this to occur on all levels from physical, right through to spiritual. I ask for this release to continue until all negativity is totally and completely removed from me.’

Making as One:

‘I ask that all the Universes, Domains, Realms and Dimensions are made as one so that all entities can be released from them all at once.’

Making a White light Portal:

‘I ask that a direct white light portal connection be made between myself and the schools of wisdom and knowledge so that any entities released will be sent there immediately.’

Anything Else?:

‘I also ask for anything else that I may have forgotten or that Spirit thinks is relevant that will enable this entity to be released forever.’

Past Life Re-writing:

‘In a good and sacred way I ask that after the full release of this entity all past lives that I have had with this entity be re-written to give honourable, joyous and loving outcomes. I state that this must be for the highest will and good of all.’

Closing the Portals:

‘It is my intent that after this entity release I am sealed from all entities which are not for my highest will and good until such time that I am ready to start releasing entities again.’

Stating your Commitment to Releasing the Entity:

‘I state in the name of God that I will no longer have this entity within my energy field and that it is no longer welcome here. By Universal law this entity must now leave because it is no longer either wanted or needed.’

‘I COMMAND that this entity LEAVE ME NOW.’

The Main Negotiation Procedure
Well done! You have now reached the main part. The main and last statement list is here. The entity ‘should’ reply ‘YES’ to each statement – take your time – don’t rush it.

(Remember to say everything three times and to wait for a definite answer on the third reply.)

‘In God’s name I ask this entity. Are you honourable?’

(They will always say ‘YES’ on the third reply)

‘In God’s name I ask that if this entity is honourable then it will speak to me and give me straight and true answers to all my questions. Will you do this?’

‘In God’s name I now fully relinquish each and every vow, judgement, contract, pact and agreement that I made against this entity. In God’s name I ask this entity to now relinquish each and every vow, judgement, contract, pact and agreement it has made against me if any. Will you do this?’

‘In God’s name I now fully relinquish and release each and every curse and spell I have made against it. In God’s name I ask for this entity to now fully relinquish and release each and every curse and spell it has made against me. Will you do this?’

‘In God’s name I agree to fully release us from all past lives we have had together. In God’s name I ask this entity to now fully release us from all the past lives we have had together. Will you do this?’

‘In God’s name I agree to fully forgive this entity for anything it has done against me which was not for my highest will and good. In God’s name I ask this entity to now fully forgive me for all that I may have done against it which was not aligned with it’s highest will and good. Will you do this now?

‘In God’s name I honour this entity for the lessons it has given me.’

‘In God’s name I also swear in the name of God to totally and fully release this entity with love from each and every past life bond.’

‘In God’s name I ask this entity to now fully and totally release us from each and every past life bond. Will you do this?’

‘In God’s name I ask this entity to now swear in the name of God that it will fully and totally release us and never return. Will you do this?’

‘In God’s name I ask this entity to let me speak for both of us to complete the final release. Will you do this?’
‘In God’s name I ask with full and total intent that Divine Spirit fully and totally release us from each and every past life bond and tie that we have between us. I ask – and so it is.’

‘I ask for this now – and so it is – Thank you.’

Sometimes when I have gone through this process it has been quite traumatic. Myself and others have had releases that have resulted in vigorous full body shaking. All good stuff. This happens when bonds are broken to a lifetime that has been particularly traumatic and where the energy links between the two of you are very deeply embedded.

What to do if you’ve a Difficult Negative Entity Attachment – Advice & More Ideas

So, if you have done all of the above and you still cannot get rid of something then what do you do? Well the first thing is – there is absolutely no point in panicking. This would be a complete waste of time and energy. So, rather than do that read through the following which will give you more examples of the possible reasons as well as lots of ideas about solutions:

  • Sometimes your support team in Spirit won’t release something from you because its presence is the most efficient way to help you to reach Divine Unity. Yes! I know that this may seem to be a contradiction but it isn’t. I have found that in many previous existences I have not expressed my emotions. To help me release them, my spirit support team will sometimes deliberately allow the entity from that existence to stay in my energy field. This then reminds me of what I refused to feel when with them so that I can then more easily release it from myself now. This has happened to me quite often in particular phases of my processing. As my intention is to step fully into my TRUE SELF and my guides have a brief to facilitate this as rapidly and efficiently as possible then such novel uses of ‘so called’ negative entities are common to me.
  • Sometimes you can be dealing with a Higher Aspect of yourself that needs to be integrated. You would imagine that a Higher Aspect would not give you any problems. However if this aspect is the one from which your main issues originate then both this and any associated negativity will have to be dealt with to complete the integration. Also the issue itself may make things difficult. For example if separation and isolation are a factor then it may be fighting tooth and nail to avoid being integrated and made whole (Letting you think that it is an entity ready for release would obviously help in this scenario).
  • Sometimes on the lower levels you could have had an incarnation with yourself, you may then find that you don’t get on with this other you. Again as an entity it would give you a hard time (doing as it did in the original lifetime). So, check everything out again. When this happened to me it took three months to resolve it completely which involved burning off all the negativity from the original lifetime as well as then fully integrating this other part of myself. Scary stuff!
  • If a negative entity is desperate to continue interfering with you because it is still extremely angry or bitter over what you did to it then try the following approaches:
  • Check to see if this attachment originated from a karmic level. It is useful to know this because you often make contracts with others before incarnating to facilitate them by taking a particular role in their life. If this is the case then you can talk to it. Tell it that you took that role or that it attracted that situation to itself because it wanted to have that experience. You tell it that you were only doing your job. Ask it if it would like to check this out, insist on this. Then ask to have an Angel of truth present so that it can check it all out for itself. You can also call in another angel or two to help it through its own process. This approach has worked a few times.
  • Another similar approach that you can try is this. You argue that it wants to get you back because of what you did to it. It is able to disturb and affect you now while you are incarnating. When is this going to end? When is it going to get a life? How long will it do this for? You take the line that it is doing this to you as a form of revenge. However you emphasise that you don’t like this being done to you and that you may choose to do the same to it when it incarnates. In other words you will both be stuck, you will both be locked together going nowhere. At what point does it get easy to stop? Will it ever? And therefore why not now. I have successfully used this for myself three or four times.
  • Sometime the entity won’t leave because it has been contracted by someone else within the original existence to interfere with you. Apart from those who feel obliged to fulfil the contract some are simply more frightened of the consequences of breaking the contract than of leaving you alone. Here you need to call in some Divine Beings both to re-assure it as well as to offer it protection and support.
  • Finally you can check to see whether the entity is not attached to you from previous existences but is either just a mischievous stray or demonic hard case intent on giving you an interesting time. Even with these, there is usually some reason why it is attracted to you that has to do with you. Find that reason and you have the key to start working to get rid of it effectively. From my experience these freelance types are rare.

Well as you can see from the above there are quite a lot of possible explanations of why this particular entity attachment may be difficult. One final and obvious suggestion is for you to find someone who is well versed in dealing with entities and see if they can help.

I still have an entity Attachment and Need More Information to help me deal with it . . .

For more updated understandings and advice on dealing with entity attachments as well as extended ideas of how to get rid of one yourself then the following pages on my web site are worth checking out. Clicking on any of the links below will open that page for you to read . . .

There is an exercise taking a very different (and little known angle) to explore ‘entity’ attachment possibilities on this page here (on another site of mine). You could try working with this exercise if all else fails.


  1. happyone
    November 19, 2008 @ 11:57 pm

    I am in total awe! As I was reading this the entity that I have tried to get rid of started shaking and crying out (weird noises) about how scared it was. I do not have the prayer of the angels but I improvised and kept urging it to go on. Of late I have had something that moves up and down my back and now I suppose it was the entity. As I asked it to leave, the area on my right, where the ball of energy/entity/mass was started to hurt really badly.

    It’s now five minutes later and I do not feel anything. I felt very drained during the process but am regaining my strength. Oh praise be to the Divine Spirit. I have a headache and nausea but am sure it will pass. Shall I continue to do these releases or should I rest easy knowing its gone!!!?

  2. Clivo
    November 20, 2008 @ 12:07 am

    Well, happyone – it feels like you got that one. Glad you got rid of it . . . well done. Download the book and work through is – it has much stronger release pages than the above if you ever need more ooomph?

    • Glen's. Smith
      January 20, 2016 @ 11:34 pm

      This is for the author- you don’t know the difference between an attached entity and past life experiences. These are two deprecate issues. I can tell you have very minimal experience with people that have real attachments. I think it would be wise to contine your studies

      • Clivo
        January 30, 2016 @ 2:13 pm

        You could try starting to ‘study’ yourself or even just try out some basic THINKING skills Glen Smith.

        Here are some ‘facts’:

        1. You are incarnated into the physical which has you as a subtle being interfaced to a physical animal form (read more on this here).

        2. Having investigated my own and others past lives extensively then most people living in this earth space have on ‘average’ about 250 incarnated past physical lives (an extended healing therapy session example (with audio) giving you some idea of the depth of investigation carried out in just one session is given here).
        How good is your maths ‘Glen’? Because the statistical chances of any current ‘entity’ attachment actually originating in this current life is 1 in 250 . . . i.e. it’s about 0.4% . . . make it automatically EXTREMELY likely that an entity attachments originates in a past life.

        3. Here is yet another another example of my PRACTICAL hands on ‘entity’ attachment experience which involved dealing with 1000’s of entity attachments that originated from many past lives and involving attachments to many people simultaneously: How 1000′s of Healers Missed 1000’s of Entity Attachments in 100’s of Life Times . . . I’d recommend that anyone concerned about entity attachments read the linked page because it is a testimony to the unbelievable degree of incompetence exhibited by ‘healers’ (in past lives, but most don’t seem to do any better in this one).

        4. In you being so amazingly aware and knowledgable Glen then you’ll be aware that we are living in a simulation. As such a lot of ‘entity’ attachments turn out to actually not be entity attachments AT ALL – there is an exercise on this page here to help you become aware of some facets of yourself as a simulated being (illustrated by the detail in the comments left on that page) AND on this page here is yet another exercise to have you engage with and explore some very different ‘entity attachment’ possibilities.

        Best of luck with the studying Glen, a decade or so should suffice to bring you up to speed!!!

  3. happyone
    November 20, 2008 @ 12:15 am

    Will do! Thank you so much and will also keep it touch. Isnt it amazing??

  4. Trish
    May 11, 2009 @ 7:26 am

    Hi Clive, I have done the entity release and although I felt slightly emotional, there was not a particularly big response in me. I am trusting that the job has been done to the degree it needed doing. Are you still doing healing sessions? tried to contact you via your other sites, but get a request for password etc.

  5. friend
    July 10, 2009 @ 4:02 pm

    my partner has an attachment which I have been told is evil. He is a non-believer and will take no action – for the sake of a happier family home – is there anything I can do ? Thank you

    • Clivo
      July 24, 2009 @ 1:35 pm

      Hi, that’s a difficult one, in terms of freewill? On the other hand if this is directly negatively impacting yourself then you could try and do the entity release on his behalf by dealing with the entity directly (using the book here). There is less chance of this working, but it’s the best you can do. In my experience entity attachments go both ways and both sides often have to acknowledge their part for a successful resolution. Sorry for the delay in replying here.

  6. kellysun
    December 1, 2009 @ 7:55 pm

    How does one know if the entity is with themselves or is with a person they find manipulative. If the person who is manipulative is hurting me, how do I presume without jepordizing my karma and theirs? thank you.

    • Clivo
      December 2, 2009 @ 10:12 am

      That’s probably difficult for most people to do. The easiest is by inference. If you have a history of the same behaviour with others then it’s likely with you, if the person this happens with has a history of the same in the same circumstances it’s likely with them. There are lots of things other than entities that can cause people to manipulate too.

  7. DR
    April 29, 2010 @ 12:25 am

    This is exactly what I’ve been seeking for four years now. So many attachments for so many reasons. I never guessed to call upon the Divine, just angels. Is their a multi-dimensional clause in this process?

  8. Julie from New Orleans
    July 13, 2010 @ 11:32 am

    Clive, I had read the New Testament a year ago, and see many many similarities between your experience with spirit guides and what Paul describes and writes about, when he talks about sending ‘Timothy’ and such, I have always known that he is sending spirits and guides to lead me on my way. I wondered if you had seen the connection; it is all there clearly in the New Testament, but you have to dig deep, for it is a very symbolic book. I instantly recognized almost exact things you were writing, as that coming from Paul, thousands of years ago, written to us, as a way to guide us on our journey. Sort of like Deja-vu, and got tears in my eyes, and instant recognition of Paul’s letter all over again. It is the same love and care I see in your writings; the concern for everyone’s journey to spiritual fulfillment, and the prodding and gradual revelation, and the instruction, and the hints, along the way. But most of all, wrapped in love. I’ve always thought of spirits or ‘energies’, as you call it, as being an outdated concept. But I know Eckhart Tolle also teaches that there are something he calls “Pain Bodies” which can take over you when something instigates it. So, I am starting to question what this is about. I usually think more simply in terms of the ‘ego’ being ignorant of the truth of my true self, and then I fall into a trap of re-thinking along the lines of the ego thought system. Yet I know there is a ‘feelings of destruction’ inside of my body that do not seem to be who I am; maybe these are the energies/disturbances/other spirit to look out for. Definately it is as you described; when I do not move immediatly foward in faith once I am connected to my Highest Self, I tell the universe that I am protecting myself from something I imagine is real; then this becomes believed and disturbances come straight back to me! You are so right on! And this has been very instructional for me! You are helping me to figure out Jesus’ words in the bible that I couldn’t figure out before! Such as when one spirit is cast out, it will go and gather other spirits 10 fold, and then take up residence, and the person who has cast out the one spirit will now be worse off than originally. This means that he has created a new life and invited more demons back into himself, because he didn’t move forward in faith, but began to protect himself again. Just want to make sure you are know that what you are writing is found symbolically in the bible.

    • Clivo
      July 13, 2010 @ 1:00 pm

      Hi Julie, there are hints in the book about the dangers of ‘believing’ things at face value or believing that ‘beings’ represent what they say they do. I can only say that each of us is MADE to believe in particular beliefs or MADE to be glued to particular assumptions or understandings. It’s patently obvious that we are each stuck in a little ‘perspective’ box whether this is Christian or Buddhist or Science or ??? it makes no difference, we / YOU evaluate all perceptions and what is conveyed to ourselves through these filters, it’s therefore almost impossible for anyone to evaluate anything with any distance or balance . . . .

      ‘Authorities’ whether spiritual, religious, scientific or ‘other’ want to make sure we/you stay within the boundaries of their ‘truths’ . . . . what is it like when you leave all of these behind?

      Protection is a great way for you to create more distance between yourself and what is REALLY happening. Protection results in more and more filters that make it harder and harder for the individual to perceive never mind identify, never mind evaluate what is REALLY going on. You could say that ‘protection’ keeps you aligned to what you already know and limits what is presented to you that might contradict your beliefs.

      My advice would be for you to try and throw out all beliefs, to assume them flawed or limited and see where that takes you . . . that ‘path’ is the richest in it’s rewards . . .

  9. Julie from New Orleans
    July 13, 2010 @ 11:54 am

    Also, I was wondering if you see the connection between ‘Love your ememies” and Love your entities! I think normally we want to bash the bad vibes and this gets us nowhere. I think entity releasement is that which Jesus proposed when he said, love your enemies. Because, isn’t it true that we are our own worst enemy, and,I have found the enemy, and he is one of us?To love and honor your enemies is to create the greatest good; like a cyclone of love, a staircase leading up to heaven… 🙂

  10. jenny
    September 8, 2010 @ 5:32 am

    The other night, i awoke to my bed shaking and an entity standing beside me. It was dark and shadowy, but at one point I took a closer look and saw that the shadowness was more like a mask and there was an eye with flesh around it looking at me, like one through a mask. He reached his hand out and waved it back and forth shooting whitish blue sparks at me, into my brain. I couldn’t move, I wasn’t terrified, I was more fighting him in my head, then he appeared closer and meaner with a big growl on his face and then he was gone. I felt much better, oddly, after this experience. I noticed a marked difference in my perceptions of a couple painful relationships of my past.

    Someone once told me I had an entity with me but I didn’t believe her when she managed to extract a bunch of money from me, I thought it was a scam. But ironically, I remember describing a feeling i had about myself a long time ago, before I met that psychic woman.. i felt like there was a centipede on my body and it was always there, walking around on my body, going under my clothes. i felt it was something i had accepted but i didn’t think anyone else ever would about me, i was just stuck with this centipede. Weird huh? I was like 20 then. I have had a few experiences since with healers, one woman did an energy treatment on me while I was pregnant cause I was having odd feelings about the baby, like she wouldn’t make it and pain in my left tail bone. The healer said I had an affair in a past life and i became pregnant. A jealous person then speared me where my current pain was. the baby lived but i died. She said this baby i was pregnant in this life was the same soul i was in the last life. She said this baby would be glued to me and unlike my son, she totally is. I know, crazy, but it really worked for me.

    So back to this weeks weird events, husband pointed out that maybe this entity was leaving me this week. I agreed, it felt right, but then tonight it was still around. So I was so fortunate to find this site and i did the entity release prayer. In doing so, i learned the entity was the man I cheated on in a past life when I subsequently became pregnant with my daughter, i think he killed me I guess, but i honestly didn’t think of that till now, what I felt was that my infidelity hurt him very badly. I recognized the hurt, I have been cheated on by many almost all the men in my life, not my husband though, maybe that is why the entity made an appearance. Any ways, I wasn’t even thinking about my last healing session a year ago when that lady told me I had a baby with someone else, the entity just identified himself to me completely and totally without thinking of that at all. I cried, I felt it, it was just how I felt as people I loved cheated on me. My other relationship issue was one where ever since i was 5 i had been made to feel inferior to a girl my own age, also feelings of this past life entity, no doubt. I was being taught. I don’t cheat now. thank you entity, thank you angels, thank you divine thank you clive thank you bill love jenny

  11. Clivo
    September 8, 2010 @ 7:37 am

    Hi Jenny, it can take a long time to piece bits of a past story together until it becomes clear. It’s taken me 15 years to figure / realise how some past info fitted with other parts to make sense.

    Glad you got this one sorted out . . .

  12. Catherine
    September 26, 2010 @ 10:36 am

    Hi I clear entities and attachments from people, animals and land. From my experience I can say they are everywhere in every form and intelligent. They are not just souls from other lifetimes but energy from other dimensions, very heavy and very harmful. They want to shut people down who are doing good for others or attaining consciousness and they want our energy. There are huge areas of vast energy in the land making people and animals sick. Cancer for example always has an energy entity attached to it, as do other illness’s. Generally the person will not heal totally until the energy has been dealt with. I find invocations are not sufficient for the big stuff. I make tools which protect me and carry high vibrations. Be warned don’t get mixed up with these energies unless you know what you are doing.

    • Clivo
      September 26, 2010 @ 5:37 pm

      How about this for ‘energetic experience’ Catherine? Intense Self Training & Education or maybe this page on my early entity training My Training to Address Attachments which led to this level of competence 1000′s of Hidden Entity Attachments Example . . . which also touches on dangers of using protection . . . which you could read more about here How to Energetically Protect & Shield Yourself although there are about 4 pages in that series that make using ‘protection’ seem a little silly. Not that I’d recommend anyone to NOT protect themselves until they are competent enough to deal with everything they encounter? As it states on the Author experience page here, what I developed that is presented in this book has since led me WAY WAY beyond itself . . . and here you are trying to scare people from even trying on their own. As most so called entity release experts are doing WAY WAY more long term harm than good (as you’ll notice from those pages if you read any) . . . then having some people starting out themselves with invocations and advice that at least work in the correct way is an excellent start . . .

  13. Fran
    October 13, 2010 @ 11:26 pm

    Is it possible to be haunted by one of your own personalities from the past? I was told by a man that I was being haunted by a past life I once had. He got this from my akasha. I have found I have changed much in personality and I grow sad and depressed and though I pray for guidance, I seem to “fall” into despair. I am trying to start a new life.

    • Clivo
      November 5, 2010 @ 4:21 pm

      I’d say ‘personalities’ would not be the right term, just unresolved past life issues. All issues are of the past and we often just ‘let them go’ rather than deal with them properly, and so some come haunt us if they are not covered up enough. It’s unlikely it’s just one life, it probably many.

  14. Char
    November 2, 2010 @ 10:08 pm

    Just wondering if I could use this myself to help other people whom believe they have an entity attached to them?

    • Clivo
      November 5, 2010 @ 4:19 pm

      Yea, you could but make sure you ask them!

  15. Matej
    December 1, 2010 @ 8:23 pm

    Hi Clive, I just started reading your hand book yesterday and it already helped me to get some guidance through a dream, which at this point is very helpful for me because I thought I was all alone with my problems!

  16. Zari
    December 12, 2010 @ 7:08 am

    Finally! Something that makes sense to me. I’ve been experiencing such confusing things for so many years and just recently felt that it might be an entity of some sort, an old me, or something else. Thank you for being brave enough to do the work you chose to do for the world. I am so incredibly thankful!

  17. Draven
    September 21, 2014 @ 3:01 am

    hello there Clive, i am aware of two entities that i carry with me. i’ve been told on many occasions to get rid of them, as people close to me seem to be very affected by them. however i have an intense emotional attachment, and have no desire whatsoever to get rid of them. i’d like input on why i feel that way about them and if there’s a way i could live peacefully with them without it being a constant detriment to my health or resorting to extreme measures to keep them.

  18. Gabi Kular
    September 21, 2014 @ 10:27 am

    Everything seems to be a struggle. I have really bad memory i am not that old. I am a hardworker have strong mind i am not lazy. But everything just seems to be a struggle.

  19. Alyssa
    January 13, 2015 @ 9:53 am

    Hey guys, so I’ve been having some real bad things going on. I hate to admit this but I am also a Physic and a Medium meaning I am able to see many of things regarding; past lives, future lives, passed over people (dead people), I am able to see and hear these things too; but, I have a little problem and if anyone could help me if not I understand. So there’s something negative attached to me I can feel it. But not only can I feel it I have these other signs; memory problems, hearing random voices (male) that I can not see telling me to do things like “stop.” “don’t.” “don’t you dare.” “what’s wrong with you?”, repeating my actions a lot, random acts of crazy mood swings, very bad depression and anxiety (lots of panic attack occur), unknown illnesses and nothing working on them, my dyslexia is worse, suicidal thoughts (constantly, with self-harm), but the main one is I feel as if i have no control over my own body whether that be taken in behavior, mental, physical, emotional, in anyway possible. I feel as if I am not myself anymore. I guess I’m asking that if you guys have any ideas on how to get rid of these things!!!

    • Clivo
      March 16, 2015 @ 11:09 am

      I’d suggest that anyone asking for more advice hasn’t read the abundance of links given at the bottom of the page above . . .

  20. Savoy
    January 14, 2015 @ 11:41 pm

    I know someone dealing with this very close to me. I want to help them with it. If someone is willing to talk to me about helping and dealing with this issue.

    • Clivo
      March 16, 2015 @ 11:11 am

      The point of this web site is that it’s about ‘self’ healing AND what is offered here is the advice to facilitate this ‘As IS’!!! Again, you’ve plenty of links to other pages offering high quality information on these areas . .

  21. Dominique
    January 22, 2015 @ 5:14 am

    Hello, um I don’t really know how to describe what’s going on without being really descriptive so I hope you don’t mind.

    A few years ago I had an entity, I guess is what I would call it but I’m not really sure what she is, attached to me. She was harmful though. Not always, but she would sometimes make me hurt myself and would cause me to have the worst headaches when I didn’t listen. She had me convinced that I needed her around so I never attempted to get rid of her. Eventually I was able to realize that I didn’t need her and she was only doing harm. After a while she went away.

    Now, the same entity is attached to my ex-boyfriend. When we were together she showed signs of being around but she would present herself only to him in dreams. We ended up breaking up and that’s when it got worse. She would cause him to have horrible night terrors and would never let him sleep. A few nights ago he used a Ouija board and now she’s doing exactly what she did to me. She’s attached herself to him but she’s determined not to let go. I don’t know what to do. He’s convinced that there’s nothing to do and is letting her do as she pleases. I know there has to be a way to get rid of her and I was wondering if the thins listed on this site would be the right things to do. I just want her gone and away from him.

    • Clivo
      March 16, 2015 @ 11:20 am

      Again, the point of this web site is that it’s about ‘self’ healing AND what is offered here is the advice to facilitate this ‘As IS’!!! Again, you’ve plenty of links to other pages offering high quality information on these areas . .

      This site presents my approach that got me to a certain point as part of my own self exploration ‘journey’ it focuses on encouraging people to try things out for themselves and it provides information here and on my other sites to facilitate this. What you see is what you have got . . .

  22. mike
    January 26, 2015 @ 9:28 pm

    Hi there, beautiful article, even thou i have not read it all just yet. Im a young guy with a drug past and also with really spiritual experiences and knowledge of some kind. I was on entity cleansing once, wasnt sure it was successful but probably yes and i was told it was. But i still felt kinda crazy afterwards. Voices of some sort, unwanted thoughts etc. Stuff was happening. But im really nervous and anxious about all this stuff so im kinda delaying my next visit. But to my real question. My gf went to a huge hardtekno rave with lots of hardmeth heads and right after she came to my place. She was really drunk and on some light drugs. When we were together afterwards we were ok for time but then we argued a lot and she was really unstable. I also saw unuasal movements now and then, which i think were some lesser astral godknows what. Im kinda scared that im really sensitive to them and that she might have unwantedly transfered some of them on me. Because, since i woke up i feel really anxious, tired and schizophrenic. Really long time since i felt like it. What is your opinion? Is it possible? What do you think is the best solution to get as clean as possible? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Clivo
      March 16, 2015 @ 11:13 am

      Well, I’ve never taken any drugs ‘ever’ I automatically avoid them like the plague. They could be ‘used’ to trigger all sorts of ‘shit’.

  23. Jim
    July 3, 2015 @ 11:35 am

    Great article. I am an empath and presently have to deal with multiple entities who attach to me for help passing over. I also have to deal with demons or a demonic presence that often accompany very negative entities. Presently I am working on creating clear boundaries on when these entities are allowed to attach to me and when they must stay outside my auric field. I don’t deal with entities from my own past lives as far as I know, but I think I have become a vessel that the spirit world is aware of, that “steers” these entities in my direction. Coming from a Catholic upbringing, ( which I don’t practice anymore), I ask for the help of my Archangels and Jesus. Archangel Michael is who I call on for protection during these clearings. I rarely if ever deal with one, but multiple entities at a time. I am clairsentient and don’t have more than a very weak ability to hear answers. I will try your suggestions to create clear boundaries. I am able to use a pendulum to get yes/no answers from the highest powers but this is certainly a learning process and I thank you for posting this information.

  24. Clivo
    July 3, 2015 @ 12:03 pm

    Hi Jim,

    Although these explanations and exercises are basic you might find a few helpful they are on another of my sites here, the titles below are linked to the pages . . .

    Subtle Energies & other Dimensions Explained

    What are subtle energies, how these differ from ‘material’ matter, how people perceive these as flows and densities and not as solids. How subtle energies have nothing to do with ‘work’ as science defines things.

    ‘Tuning In’ to Subtle Energies and other Dimensions

    Some examples of what people tuning in ‘see’, how different people pick up different things in relation to their back ground, experience, training and expectations . . . .

    What are beings in ‘Spirit’, entities and so on . . .

    What are spirit beings? How best to think of them as people. Some notes on negative entities, how these happen and examples of how you can have an entity attachment.

    To Trust or NOT t0 TRUST

    How there is much useless and fear based crap about spirits, accessing spirit realms and exploring subtle energies and some discussion and reassurance on these areas.

    Exercise to Learn to Perceive and Sense Subtle Energies

    This is an exercise to help you become more sensitive to energies to amplify and increase your own energies so that you can start to play with these. It basically helps you to engage with your energy self in more direct ways and helps you to become more comfortable sensing energies and becoming aware of your self as an energy based being.

    How to Improve Perception & Awareness of Beings & Spirit Guides in Spiritual Dimensions

    This is an exercise to help you connect with spirit friends whom you already know in other realities. This too is a very safe one to work with. It is focused on connecting you to friends whom therefore you will have more of a ‘real’ connection with because you already know them. This page is very extensive and works to help put you in touch with your inner responses, intuition, sensitivities and knowings. It describes how we respond to subtle perceptions and how our mind deals with this information. So, this exercise aligns you with how we learn new information so that you have the opportunity to learn to do this as fast as possible.

    How to Learn to Meet, Contact & Connect with Nature Spirits, Divas & Elementals

    This page describes how to approach getting in touch with nature spirits. It starts things off in a natural way by in effect setting you up to start a friendship with these beings and it takes you through achieving this in a very detailed and comprehensive way. It finishes with advice on the best ways of connecting with many different nature spirit types including; dwarfs, gnomes, faeries, pixies, water spirits, tree spirits, elves, trolls, sand spirits, mermaids, leprechauns and more . . .

    How to Help yourself to Become more Sensitive to Yourself the Subtle & the Spirit Realms?

    This is an exercise to help you sense and identify the deeper origins of issues that relate to blockages in the physical body as well as maybe release them.

    • Abigail Peace
      January 30, 2016 @ 2:06 am

      I used the divine prayer, along with calling on all my Aboriginal ancestors with smudging… I live in a city that doesn’t have anyone or anywhere I can ask for intervention. The evil entity that has been attached to me for many, many lifetimes refuses to leave. It laughs at the thought of me releasing it. I am at my wits end. I dont know what else to do… If you have ANY advice I am all ears… It has become physically violent hurting my partner, hurting my cat, and hurting me.

      • Clivo
        January 30, 2016 @ 1:51 pm

        You could read and try this exercise on this page of another of my sites here, my understandings have moved on massively from when I wrote this book, many entity attachments don’t relate to ‘subtle’ realities at all.

  25. Cynthia
    July 10, 2015 @ 5:15 pm

    Thank you as I was reading this I felt heat upon my leg I kept my self in a relaxed state and continued, I now feel lighter and very exhausted so hopefully I will start sleeping better and feel less depressed. So that my current situation will change.

  26. Kthompson
    July 11, 2015 @ 1:56 am

    Thank you I was told I needed to get rid of part life bad karma. I followed your advice, got very emotional and felt chills. I am in a place where my life needs to turn around I hope this helps the healing to do so. Thank you

  27. Tamarin
    July 14, 2015 @ 9:53 am

    Hi as i was reading this I got shivers all over, then i turned cold, its been awhile after reading it and I am still getting cold, I know the spirit that is attached to me makes me very cold to the point where my body will turn purple, thats when i know when he is stronger around me or not. I believe he is a very bad spirit as I have tried to communicate with him before, he has said he wants my soul and that I am his and he loves me and will never leave me alone, it has come to a point where I cannot date anyone for he gets jelous and makes it known then the guy will break up with me and turn nasty to me, the spirit has said its him who is doing it for only he loves me and I am only his. my friend has tried to get him away but he turns nasty and threatens my daughters life. We had to use the ouija board to communicate with him, he wont tell me who he is and keeps lying. So I cannot find out where this attachment comes from, All he says is he wants my soul and that he loves me. Her has a temper on him and will call my friend a f###en wh#r# and he has threatened to kill this guy I am inlove with, he has already got the guy to leave me alone and hate me but thats not enough cos I still love him, so he says Martin is dead I will kill him you are mine. How do I deal with this as asking him to leave is not working. Thank you

    • Clivo
      July 18, 2015 @ 9:46 pm

      I’d recommend that you read this healing example series (which starts here) because this series makes it very clear as to how aware I am of the degree of ‘SHIT’ some people are in.

      Sorry Tamarin, what is here is it, you and everyone else can try whatever you want from here BUT I’m not here to advise beyond what is here. I’m busy stripping down different facets of reality trying to figure out how to get round these blocks, any distractions to me doing this is basically sabotaging any possibility that I can help people like yourself in the future. That is how it is.

  28. Georgia
    October 31, 2015 @ 8:28 pm

    I have three favorite entities clearings that I use often.
    – This one works for ties with beings with or without bodies:
    All of the oaths, vows, commitments, fealties, commealties, blood oaths, binding and bonding contracts, I now revoke, recant, rescind, reclaim, renounce, denounce, destroy and uncreate all of them.
    – And to help a being who is “stuck” move on: Truth, who are you? Truth who were you before that, truth before that, truth before that, truth before that… etc (until the energy shifts) and then, ask truth who will you be in the future?
    – Demon Clearing: Go back to from whence you came never to return to me, my body, or this reality ever again. Repeating this until it’s gone or changed.
    These clearing are from the tools of Talk To The Entities which I LOVE! 🙂

  29. george
    March 4, 2016 @ 12:22 am

    ive had a spirit attachment for 3 years it started after i had intercourse w a woman who later told me she was a satanist , creepy stuff . at first it was threatening me then tried to become friends i think its a demon changes voices etc, creepy

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