Being in the Flow – What does this signify?

OK, so you start to clear your stuff, chuck out your old baggage and so forth, become more attuned with your INNER SELF (intuition) and are moving with the FLOW. So called coincidences are the order of the day and everything is unfolding and fitting together taking you ever closer on your journey to your GOD SELF. Or is it? Surprisingly enough it probably isn’t. Being in touch with your intuition and being in the flow is a good bare minimum starting point to give you the tools to help you more effectively move into your GOD SELF SPLENDOUR.

The problem is many think that when they enter this life flow, this is a sign they are well on their spiritual way. This is a very dangerous assumption to make, as it is invariably wrong. All it really means is that you have become secure enough to TRUST and to LET GO enough so that you now have some direct access to your CREATOR or GOD SELF. This then enables you to manifest more coherently whatever it is you desire. The DIVINE SOURCE is totally unprejudiced in what it creates on your behalf. You have FREE WILL; you can manifest anything you like. Whatever your true inner will or focus is bent to will become manifest. If your focus is to manifest a sexual partner then so be it, if it is to make you accepting and compassionate then so be it, if it is to make you feel blissful then so be it, if it is to avoid facing your whole self then so be it, if it is to manipulate those around you then SO BE IT.

Being in the flow, is a sign therefore that part of you at least has accepted and understood that it manifests what it focuses on and has a clear enough line to start doing this. If your focus is to manifest what you need to move fully into your GOD CREATOR SELF then that will happen. Otherwise whatever your focus of intent is either consciously or unconsciously will present itself more coherently within your life.