Parameters of your current reality

This reality is SPECIFICALLY designed to help us realise WHO WE ARE by allowing us to explore all facets of WHO WE ARE NOT. This is the bottom line. Within this there are different routes and agendas that help people in this self-exploration. Most likely you are here at this particular time as part of your soul’s overall program to regain its DIVINE STATE. The parameters of this reality such as Karma, Duality, Focused Consciousness, Non-Remembering and so on are perfect to help us to resolve traumas, issues and conflicts that bind us to a state of separation. As we resolve our separations then this effectively and automatically takes us closer to a state of DIVINE UNION.

I will now describe some of the parameters of this reality so that you have a better idea of what they are and how they effect your awareness and understanding of yourself. So, here goes:


Duality as it is presented here is nothing more than a system that highlights and amplifies any imbalances that we may have within any areas that present themselves as opposites. The main areas of polarity that some of us are endeavouring to bring into balance are: ( male, masculine <> female feminine ) then we have ( negative, bad, evil <> positive, good ) and finally we have ( child, playful <> adult serious ). Whether you are aware of this or not it is a fact that when you are in perfect balance you contain within yourself and accept all of these aspects equally. When you make judgements, when you choose to diminish one or favour another then you move out of balance within that area of yourself. The amplification of these polarities here gives us more opportunity to resolve issues in these areas. For example:

  • On the higher levels you exist as a pure energy Being and there are no separate forms identifiable as male and female. The one form holds both and in most cases these polarities are so balanced that thinking of them as separate would be unimaginable. Lower energy soul form layers that allow a greater identification of male and female may then have a hermaphroditic form that presents external characteristics that make the feminine and masculine features more identifiable. Existences such as this Earth one offer polarisation of these opposites to such a degree that two completely separate forms are manifest.
  • Although people can often understand that being fully balanced means total acceptance of their masculine and feminine characteristics they cannot quite come to the same understanding about being balanced in their positive, good and negative, evil aspects. Balance means balance, unity means unity, neither is about denial or avoidance or judgement.

The Illusion of a Past, Present and Future:

Here we have time (as in movement), here we have space (as in distance). Strangely enough this tends to fool us into thinking that we have a past and a future when in truth this is not so. We just choose to view it this way. On most other levels, everything happens more or less simultaneously – there is no time or space, only NOW.


We have all had many existences, many other lives and with a huge lack of respect for the majority of belief systems, most have not even been on Earth. Most people have spent only a fraction of their existences here. We are all multidimensional Beings, simultaneously residing in environments we can barely imagine much less understand from our current human based perspectives. Which for most people, means that they are very much more than they think they are. Although these other levels are an intimate part of who we are and Higher Aspects of ourselves are at this very instant enjoying multidimensional organic coffee and cream cakes, this important truth escapes most of us. Some of these parts of ourselves are aware of our existence here, unfortunately, although they may be doing their best to catch our attention on this level, most of us are resolutely continuing to follow the tried and tested ‘head in the sand’ approach to multidimensional awareness. Most of us therefore are separated from our larger selves and are unaware of our multidimensional nature making isolation another aspect of this level.

Free Will:

FREE WILL is another way of saying that you are FREE to CREATE whatever you wish to experience within this reality. You just have to know that this is TRUE. We have been given this gift freely with no small print, we will not be judged by GOD or our HIGHEST SELF (which is also GOD) in any way for ANYTHING that we do. Although this is the TRUTH, we ourselves seem intent on enthusiastically judging ourselves as well as others. Whatever your reality is presenting to you is (by and large) your own creation. When we dislike or complain about the quality of our lives here then we are simply confirming our lack of awareness of this TRUTH. To truly empower yourself you must accept responsibility for what you yourself have created. Until you do this then you will be unable to manifest the reality that you truly desire.


We tend to identify ourselves as being separate from all others. We see ourselves as individuals, standing alone, unconnected to others or anything else. In other words, this reality has our consciousness focused down to almost nothing; we have the ultimate tunnel vision. This allows us to provide an enormous focus on a very small area, which is great to help us understand sub areas of our reality and ourselves. As we are here to identify those parts of ourselves that are out of balance with our DIVINE NATURE, then a focused consciousness is great to have. Unfortunately this means that at times we can become so focused on the trees that we fail to see the wood. Quite often in fact we don’t even imagine that there is a wood.

Having a vehicle to occupy:

Here we have a human body vehicle to act as an anchor and a reference point within this reality. In most existences we don’t project into anything, we are simply a pure energy form. Having a body keeps us very restricted, it forces us to adhere to its limitations. Some examples:

  • We cannot move anywhere we want to instantly and by conscious thought (as we can as a pure energy form). This is part of the game here to experience limitation.
  • Although it is potentially very stressful and painful here, because only a small part of what we really are is within this vehicle then any major trauma we experience here is very insignificant compared to ALL THAT WE ARE. It therefore has little effect on ALL THAT WE ARE.


The laws of Karma are the other defining parameters of this level here. We could sum Karma up by saying that it is nothing more than a system that helps present you with your misalignments. We will discuss this in more detail later.

Being Here NOW

There are a billion places you could be on a thousand different energy levels in an obscenely huge number of different universes. Yet you are here. You are here even though there are so many other places that you could be that it is beyond your comprehension. You are here even though each of these other places could offer you a different existence the like of which you could not even imagine in your wildest moments. Could it not be that YOU ARE HERE because this place NOW offers you the most incredible opportunities that YOU in these other places could only dream of?

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