The Truth – Will you ever get to It?

We have available much spiritual information from channelled and other sources at the present time all helping to raise awareness and giving people new ways of seeing things as well as ultimately and essentially CHANGING people themselves (which is the whole point). It is important to understand that elements of this information are only relevant to those people to whom they are relevant to. None or very little of this information can be taken as the TRUTH, it is only presented as a means of moving people CLOSER to THE TRUTH. As people are drawn to explore growth or awareness subjects, they are by and large led to the information which is right for them at that particular time, this could be through reading books, watching a particular television programme, attending workshops or awareness courses and so on. This information changes their beliefs, their attitudes and way of relating to others, sometimes slowly, sometimes quite fast.

If you watch this process within yourself then you will probably find that your beliefs and understanding will have changed quite a lot over the last few years. You will also probably find that what you are reading now, what you are involved with now, you would not have been seen dead associating with just a few years ago. Is this not true? And more importantly what does it mean?

Well, in essence it means that whatever is being presented to you at any particular time is specifically designed to shift your awareness slightly closer to the truth. This means that whatever beliefs or models you have about either spiritual growth or what is happening here will always be wrong, they will always be changing. Never assume that what you think you know is true, just know that what you have at this time is right for you until you are ready to move on again. Also try and appreciate that for Divine Spirit to move you along in this way while at the same time only being truthful would be an almost impossible task.

Each step you take brings you to a new place within yourself; you can do this with a sense of excitement and anticipation or foreboding and fear depending on your nature and resistance to change. You can stride excitedly along this winding footpath or you can take numerous rests and time outs in the local pub – each to their own. The speed at which you can move down this trail depends entirely on how fast you can LET GO. This includes LETTING GO of what you think you know. As change is fundamental to this whole process and LETTING GO is fundamental to change then you will find that I will regularly keep pointing these TRUTHS out.

Our insecurities condition us to want to have something to hold onto so that we can feel safe and so that we can feel that we are in control. For the same reasons many of us feel that we have to know something. A real truth is that someday you will be perfectly secure knowing nothing because you will simply just BE. This is where you are being led; everything in-between is just flannel. Momentarily very important flannel and essential to your growth but flannel nevertheless.

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