Divine Hierarchies of Divine Beings

We have been given channelled descriptions of higher Beings including ascended masters and so on. In much of this material, they have been packaged and represented in the form of spiritual hierarchies. We like to have labels because we tend to identify more easily with the labels than with what is behind them. This leads us to then think that we know where we stand in relation to other labelled things. Understand that these are only labels, just like those you get on a soup can, except that tasting the soup lets you more easily confirm the accuracy of its presenting label.

The Divine Hierarchy & Divine Beings

I find it very amusing in a sense when I hear that someone only reads channelled material for example that comes from named ascended masters. For some people the name of the Being is the determining factor that for them gives credence to the content of the material. I find this crazy.

To discern properly you need to focus on what you are interested in. Are you interested in information that will help you to evolve into your DIVINE SELF? Are you simply interested in interesting information? Or are you after information that will confirm what you already know or more importantly what you think you already know? You will always get what your inner focus is hungry for. So, you have to be very clear about what you want. We are all acting as filters for all the information that comes irrespective of the level it originates from. Understand then, that whatever you are receiving is being filtered through your own limited understandings and perspectives. To grow, you have to suspend what you think you know and be absolutely clear about what your intentions are regarding your interactions with Spirit.

Remember when you were at school learning something like biology or chemistry. In the first year you had classes on these subjects and you learnt about them to a simple level. However a couple of years down the line you are being taught the same subjects but given very different information. Another two years down the line you experience the same information shift and then even more of the same when you go to University. What you realise is that what you were taught originally was what you needed because that was as much as you could understand at that time but that from where you now stand it was nonsense. People seem unable to appreciate that this applies with even greater emphasis to information, knowledge and wisdom that we receive from beyond. Many through ego or desperation or insecurity or a thirst for the truth automatically assume that what they receive is the truth little knowing that you start at kindergarten and after 500 terms or so actually only then start to get to some really real truth.

So, any details we have been given of a hierarchy have to be looked at from the context of the filter through which it was presented and what the aims were in presenting that information at that time so that it could understood from the limited perspectives that were prevalent then. The hierarchies that we have been given to play with are no more than a framework that is necessary for certain people to use because it will greatly help them on their path up to a certain point.

Think about this – what is beyond these models? This is what you should be asking yourself. For me, getting your consciousness to ascended master level is a good starting point from which to launch to higher levels. Ultimately, perhaps what is presented as the I AM presence, GOD, Source the Divine Self may be just another level that no one has either gone beyond yet or dared to suggest that it is a possibility? I don’t know, but I am willing to stay open about it when I get there.

So, are you selling yourself short then? What are your belief systems keeping you tied to? What won’t they allow you to move beyond? When some system or model or path serves you and helps you to move into more of yourself then great, but watch for the turning point where you then find yourself being the server. When this happens, then it’s time to LET GO and MOVE ON if you are really serious about your spiritual growth.

Many people are holding ascended masters and other Beings from higher levels in great reverence. This is done by those who see themselves as being much less than these Beings. Now, understand that this is a natural part of the process. I’ve been there and done that, got the T-shirt, the mug and everything. However, those truly focused on evolving, gradually find themselves moving into their own ascended master space and are therefore equal to the Beings that they are working with. To overplay this ‘us and them’ role only serves to keep you in separation.

This is one of the most debilitating lines that many are holding themselves to. Understand that you have Higher Aspects from existences that require high powered telescopes to pick out anything at all when you look down on to the ascended master level. Is it your job here to continually move into, to embody and become your Higher Aspects all the time? If it is, then when you have reached the place within yourself where you understand and accept yourself as an equal to your favourite ascended master and can work with them as the ascended master that YOU ARE then you have done yourself justice and you are well on your way to getting the real job done. In doing this you are also giving them the best acknowledgement of their service and support of you. Nothing less than this is the TRUTH.

People ask me who are you working with? Which Beings? They want to know this because they think that this will then tell them something about what I am doing. In truth the answer does, because the answer is that as my support team changes virtually every day (Early 1999) then what will their names tell you. I know in my being the quality of what I am working with and their dedication to facilitate myself and others in manifesting ALL THAT WE ARE in UNITY.

You want to have the name (a label) of a Being from say the tenth or five hundredth dimensional level translated into English – are you serious? Ask yourself why you want a label? What does that tell you about yourself? To me it is the focus of intent of these Beings that I am interested in rather than their names. At the end of the day any Being can come and say it is Christ or Archangel Michael or whoever and if you identify with the name and not the level of integrity of its interaction or its focus of intention then so be it.

My guides are very loving, supportive, honouring, hard nosed so and so’s. I say this because their focus is to get me to my DIVINE SELF. This means I have to shovel my shit at times and this means that they have to take me to it, watch me going in to it and through it. I have attracted these Beings through my intention and focus. In the final analysis I don’t want Beings facilitating me who are going to help me avoid ANY part of myself, lead me to things unprepared or who are going to go soft at the wrong times. Therefore I don’t. It’s as simple as that.

So, my support team changes daily now and I have more of my Higher Aspects working with me than independent Beings which is a measure of how much clearing and integrating I have done. The independent Beings that are part of my team have to change fast. They have to change as fast as I am willing to resolve a particular issue or integrate a new energy form or let go of a lower level agenda or affiliation to reach a different level of understanding, a new level of consciousness, a higher state of BEING MYSELF in UNITY.

Now, understand again that I am being guided to present all this information in just this way to help shatter your misconceptions, faulty ideas and so forth, to help YOU let go and move on. Yes! A very few people will be able to work with one Being all the way through as they won’t have issues about letting go in that way and also because their level of discernment will be high.

However for the majority of people I have to say, how many true friends in spirit are you keeping at a distance, how many of those that you truly love and who truly love you from your higher level existences are you preventing from coming through to work with you simply because you won’t LET GO of what you have. Do you think that what you have now is the best that you can get? If you do then you are selling yourself and your real friends short. Nothing ventured means nothing gained and when the real prize is to GAIN YOURSELF then what adventure is too much for that glorious prize?

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