Holding more of your Divine Light

As you proceed with this transformation and evolving process you are continually increasing the capacity at which you can hold Divine Light. We can translate this term and say that it is another way of describing all the energies from the Higher Divine Realms as well as your Higher Aspects. There are two directions that you have to be aware of to achieve this. So, on the one hand you can untie yourself from what is holding you back and preventing you from moving into a state of UNITY while on the other hand you can push forward and move more into your DIVINE SELF directly.

By releasing negativity, blockages, re-aligning conditioning, breaking attachments and so forth you LET GO of what is holding you back while at the same time you can bring in and integrate your Higher Energies and Aspects to move more consciously into your DIVINE SELF. Understand that you need to be working in both of these areas to achieve your goal.

For most people increasing their energies and awareness is gradual (not like having an on and off light switch but rather a dimmer switch that is slowly increased). To a certain extent the more of these Divine Energies you have, the more Higher Aspects you embrace and bring home to yourself, the faster and easier the clearing and evolving process becomes.

Most people do not as a general rule think of themselves as ‘Light Beings’ but this is what (on other levels) you really are. When you finish your current incarnation assignment here on Earth and hang up your ‘dense overcoat’ you then revert completely to a pure energy form. Below is a statement that will indicate your commitment to increasing your Divine Light levels.

Statement: Increasing your Divine Light Levels

‘From my Heart and with all my Being, I invite my Divine Soul Self to fully merge with me NOW. In a good and Sacred way I invite Divine Light into my heart and into my entire Being on all Levels. I invite the highest Divine Light Beings and all of my Divine Spirit Teachers, Healers, Guides and Guardians to work with me NOW. All that is done must be for my highest will and good and be fully in alignment with my Divine Soul Essence and Soul Purpose. I ask that this room, the space I occupy, be completely filled and surrounded with Divine Light and Divine Love, as I continue . . .’

‘I ask Divine Spirit to continually move me into Higher and Finer Energies all of the time. I ask for help in all ways to bring within myself all my Higher Aspects. As part of this I ask Divine Spirit to release any blockages that I may have and to give me everything I need to hold and anchor the Finest and Highest vibrations of Divine Light in ever increasing amounts. I also ask for help to unblock, clear and expand all the energy channels that are part of ALL THAT I AM on all levels as appropriate to handle and to hold the increased light capacity. I ask that this be done now – and so it is – Thank you.’

As an aside! You have come to this page looking to increase your Divine Light levels. This is a very popular page and sadly the least useful page in our whole site with regards aligning yourself with the ongoing planetary transformation process. We would recommend that you take time to browse this site as there is a lot more here that will help you really align with it. For example the article here in our special topics section is a good start.

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