The Light Side and the Dark Side Explained

Most (if not all) of the places that you have chosen to exist within and explore hold varying degrees of separation. These areas of separation can in some realities be extreme so that very obvious dualistic environments are available to be occupied such as this one. These extreme realities allow us to explore possibilities and contradictions within ourselves that are simply not possible in other realms and energy worlds. As many of us have taken the full opportunities to explore both the light and the dark, AS IS OUR DIVINE RIGHT, during all that we have been and are being then these are areas that it is very important to acknowledge and move beyond should you desire to BECOME ALL THAT YOU ARE in UNITY.

You have to remind yourself that YOU have chosen to experience being separated from your CREATOR SELF. You are, in doing this, exploring what is NOT of UNION. You are, in doing this, providing yourself with opportunities to determine WHO YOU ARE NOT so that you may for example, by the recognition of the opposite, come through a process of elimination to an inner understanding of WHO YOU ARE.

For those who think in terms of the LIGHT and the DARK then the DARK represents loving to hold on to, loving to control, loving to create fear and loving to avoid the truth. All this causes suppression, manipulation and separation from who you are and attachment to things and others. The LIGHT is about LOVING UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE, LOVING JOY, LOVING THE TRUTH, LOVING DETACHMENT. So in this you make no demands, you co-operate, you make no judgements and have no expectations. It is about BEING FREE TO BE YOURSELF and BEING FREE TO LET OTHERS BE WHO THEY ARE.

However what many seem to forget is that all these properties of the LIGHT have to be applied to how you relate to the DARK. If you cannot deal with the DARK or EVIL with LOVING UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE and LOVING JOY then find out why not. As ALL THAT IS means just that – it is everything, then it must include all that is labelled as DARK. Is the DARK therefore not part of the LOVING TRUTH?

There is a fine balancing act for some people as they tread the path towards DIVINE UNITY. Many see the dark as evil and are constantly protecting themselves based on this perception. This is how I used to be, constantly on the look out for interference from negative entities and putting up masses of protection to shield myself. However I eventually realised that my fear of the dark side was not letting me process my own dark stuff from my own involvement in these areas in previous existences. It was preventing me from integrating these experiences, transcending them and moving on. As I gently and cautiously started to do this then I have been more able to get the dark side into perspective.

By and large, those who are getting persistent interference from what could be called negative or dark or demonic entities can be doing so because they are not accepting of their own dark side and their own involvement in dark practices in previous existences. I have to remind you that what you hide from, what you deny within you, will lovingly persist. Until YOU acknowledge all that YOU CURRENTLY ARE you cannot become ALL THAT YOU TRULY ARE.

I have dealt with huge numbers of my own negative entity attachments. All of them without fail have been to do with my own antics in other existences. I see the appearance of these as a gift as they signal that this is now the time to deal with them and LET THEM GO and this is what I do. I am often aware of the person in the current lifetime whom I have had these dealings with in previous times.

A few years ago I was in the ludicrous and in some ways very funny position of having someone indirectly accusing me of working for the dark side, of being virtually the devil incarnate. From their perspective I was actively sending dark entities to them and so forth. From my point of view this person and some others had all been dark magicians in previous lifetimes all working against each other. I myself of course was against all of them – well if you’re going to explore extremes of reality you might as well make a good job of it! Practically speaking, each of us within this scenario cannot move on until we have, as individuals, each dealt with our own karma, trauma and attachments regarding these issues.

So, when this situation and these energies presented themselves to be dealt with, I found that the roof of my house was a metre deep in dark entities and I was under so called attack by dark forces, once to such an extent that I had to abandon the house and spend a day in a church sheltering – absolutely great stuff. In reality all of these attacks were nothing more than what I had done to others in previous times being returned to me for me to deal with (honestly, you really cannot bury your head in the sand and avoid any part of yourself). So, although many of these entities are from these other people, all are from previous existences and have absolutely nothing to do with who they are now, in the same way any negative entities landing in their arrival lounge would be from our attachments to each other with regard these previous existences and again nothing to do with me NOW.

To reach DIVINE UNITY you have to face ALL OF YOURSELF, you have to take responsibility for ALL PARTS OF WHO YOU ARE. It’s all about ACCEPTING yourself, FORGIVING yourself, HONOURING past associations and LETTING THEM ALL GO.

Many days during this period when I was dealing with these dark lifetimes I spent up to six hours processing and letting go all of this stuff and in total cutting ties with about five hundred entities (many of which were demonic). I say again – you cannot sweep anything under the carpet to reach the true end point – absolutely everything has to be dealt with.

Fortunately during this period I had anchor people who kept track of this process, made sure I dealt with everything and that I had support while I went through it. This support appeared with immaculate timing, as it usually does when your focus is on moving fully into your DIVINE NATURE. The moments of humour during this time were brilliant and sometimes I could not deal with the ‘demons’ because I was laughing about it all too much.

Yes, sometimes people will deliberately initiate psychic attacks as this is their orientation in this lifetime and again this is fine – it is part of their path – and (although many of you will not believe this) they will be doing this to honour who they are and the reality which they choose to create. That is, they are also a part of the unfolding Divine. Using protection at times is nothing more than sensible, however for some all this is doing is keeping their own issues and dark side at arms length and preventing them from accepting themselves and moving into a higher level of UNITY.

Oh! And just to confuse you even more. As everything is from the light, it is absolutely no problem for high level Divine beings to use dark energies that are perfectly aligned – things can get very confusing at times – believe me. Sometimes the only effective way to facilitate someone to face their own darkness is to present them with darkness as a mirror. So, checking if something contains darkness or negativity is irrelevant. Checking whether something would be for your highest will and good, would work in alignment with your soul essence and soul purpose as well as Divine Love, Divine Truth, Divine Will and Divine Wisdom is.

To sum up – many people on a spiritual path are intensely focused on facing the light, when in fact they should be intensely focused on FACING THEMSELVES. When you truly do this then the darkness will hold no fear for you. Behind all the darkness within you is the light and the light is love. There is no fear in love – as there is no fear in DIVINE UNITY.

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