Bad Vibes – Yours or Theirs?

There are many different factors that can make you feel that there are some bad vibes or negativity around someone. In this section I want to try and make you aware of all the different possibilities of why this can be so. There are many and a limited understanding can lead you to the wrong conclusions about the cause.

Also understand that on an inner level you only recognise something as negative or bad because something within yourself is out of alignment. THIS IS THE TRUTH. This is a difficult one to explain, but when you are still well embedded in separation and your own misalignments then you still react to things from a place of separation. You are afraid of certain things (certain entities for example) or perhaps you make judgements, you choose for example to see your path as better or worse than some other paths. All of this is an illusion. When you are better standing in your own LARGER SELF then you come to realise that whatever it is within yourself that is identifying and reacting to something such that you feel ‘bad vibes’ is itself only able to do this because it is holding to some area of separation.

What is Responsible for you feeling Bad Vibes or Negative Energies from Someone?

Another way of explaining this is that as you come close to encompass ALL THAT YOU ARE then in essence as you are embracing EVERYTHING you cannot then be separate from anything and to identify anything as being better or worse than anything else would only help to point out what you still hold as separate within yourself.

At a certain point then you don’t pick up bad vibes, however until you HOLD this more encompassing understanding in your Being then keep in mind all of the possibilities that can result in you feeling them. Let’s look at these in more detail now:

What are the causes of Negative Vibe, Bad Vibe Influences or Feelings?

Entity attachments are always a good option to explore. However what most people fail to realise is that the attachment can be to themselves rather than with the other person. Some of the possibilities include:

If you are sensitive then you may be picking up what is happening to another person with regards an entity attachment they have. For example:

  • The first is that this is an attachment from a previous lifetime. If you have read the rest of this handbook then you will of course understand that there are many possibilities with regard past existences. These have all been covered adequately elsewhere.
  • On the other hand the entity may be what I call a stray, with no direct attachment to this person, in which case it can be anything from just a mild nuisance all the way up to seriously demonic (in which case you will be picking up seriously bad negative vibes).

Sometimes entity attachments in another person will influence you directly. Some examples of this are:

  • People on some level have contracted a (non-aligned) Being to keep them safe. In this case if you pose a threat then this Being could be deliberately making you feel uneasy to keep you at a distance. Healers have to be particularly careful, it may be considered a threat even to raise this person’s awareness as they then may have to face part of themselves which they may not find pleasant.
  • Based on my experience as a healer, some very dark past life attachments can be a little annoyed with you to say the least if they sense that you are going to release them and therefore end their influence over this person.
  • Maybe you have the entity attachment and this person can get rid of it so the entity is doing its best to keep you at a distance with regards to this person. I find this happens enough times to keep me on my toes.

The Energy Levels or Frequency Differences Between Different People:

These arise when two people have their energies at very different levels. One in high energy the other in low. Some examples:

  • If you are raising your energies then you will perhaps be more sensitive to people that hold onto negativity within themselves. You may feel drained and very uneasy in their presence.
  • On the other hand it may be that when you are in the presence of someone who has much better energies than yourself, then this can cause your own negativity to come to the surface. This is particularly the case between energy workers, so paradoxically some healers who are really shifting their stuff and have very high energy can be accused of having or working with negative energies because of this effect. This is a particularly important one to remember.

Past Pacts, Agreements as well as Past Agenda’s and or Path Affiliation Differences:

As you evolve yourself through your Higher Aspects you will consciously or otherwise take the current Aspects affiliations and resulting agendas (whatever their nature). No matter what these agendas are they will almost certainly cause you to align with some things and be against others. For example there are suggestions that Sirians and Pleiadians are not the best of mates. So, if you are going through a phase of integrating your Sirian experience then it may cause problems to those around you who are dealing with their Pleiadian Aspects. Bad vibes would abound for those in this situation.

Bad Vibe, Negative Energy Feelings Due to them having Different ‘Intention’ Alignments / Orientation:

If you are glued to an alignment with respect to moving into your Divine Self, then alignments that others hold to, that are in opposition to this, would result in anything from slight discomfort to seriously bad vibes.

Negative Energy Healing Processes & Releases:

These arise in situations when either yourself or the other person is releasing past old emotions. Some examples follow:

  • Sometimes people are getting in touch with their own negativity and allowing it to come out. For example they may have suppressed anger and rage coming out in energy form (rather than directly) and again if you are sensitive then you may be picking this up on some level.
  • It can also be that someone else’s energy reminds you on an inner level of a difficult past existence and therefore starts to make you feel as you did then. In this case the other person does not have any connection with you from that time. It’s a bit like when you are at school and have a particularly nasty teacher who scares the living daylights out of you. Then twenty years later you see someone (who just looks just like them) and immediately feel the same way.
  • Sometimes you meet people with whom you have issues from past existences, which then start to come to the surface. If they stabbed you then you may feel this happen to you now. If they suppressed you then you may feel very angry and or frightened. This situation should be taken as a gift as you can now start to deal with all of it.

Different Spiritual or Healing Approaches, ‘Paths’ or Pathways differences:

This is another important one to take note of for focused God Seeds, Light Workers and evolvers. You can find yourself intrigued by another Light Worker’s way of working. You know that you are interested in what they are doing but no connection or opportunity materialises to bring you together. Some examples:

  • Sometimes you are deliberately kept away from other very good healers / Light Workers simply because it would not serve either of you for your work to be influenced by the other. This happens when people are working to cut an energy route in a specific way. To meet each other too early may result in both paths being overly influenced by what the other is doing. This may in fact result in both energy pathways being watered down or less focused than they could have been. Many are here at this time to do things in a defined way specifically to help within the overall movement to raise consciousness by creating an approach or system that will attract a specific set of people.
  • I have also worked with people for a while and then been very strongly shown that it is now time to move on as to continue connecting with them will hold me back. Sometimes this has been about me claiming or re-claiming my own space or way of being or because I am moving into a more aligned approach to the DIVINE.

So, as you can see there are many reasons for feeling bad vibes (as it were). I have tried to list as many as possible to increase your awareness in these areas. Try to stay detached and open minded all the time. This is the best approach to getting to the truth. So, rather than perhaps just putting up protection and backing off, be more open to all the possibilities listed here. I see and approach ALL situations as being rich in information and possibilities to grow and to expand.

So, to sum up, you can be feeling what others are feeling, what you are being influenced to feel, being reminded of what you once felt and finally your own negativity that you need to release (when confronted with a high energy field). It’s all good stuff.

How to Investigate the Causes, Get Rid of Bad Vibes, Negative Energies?

Other pages in the e-book discuss these areas and give you some tools to try, pages here you can read include:

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  1. Edith DePas
    February 11, 2015 @ 8:06 pm

    I learned a lot …!

  2. Michael
    April 10, 2015 @ 6:15 pm

    I can relate in so many ways! For the past four years (I’m 25) I have been heavy in energy and pleiadian teachings. I have even had contact. This really solidified much of what I have learned.

  3. phillip
    December 12, 2015 @ 1:57 am

    I have been wondering and trying to find a reason for certain negative vibes from women I been in relationships. When everything is apparently going well out of the blue and not all the time I feel so negative from them . The closer I get to their body the stronger the negative feeling gets. It gets so bad I get nauseated and cannot be in their present. It eases the father I get away from their presence. It does not happen with anyone else but the women I date. Its a horrible sickening feeling in my gut. For years I thought it was me unconsciously. Even with pure thoughts it happens and I know its not me what is going on.

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