Discussing the Origins of Recurring Life Patterns

Exploring the Origins of Negative Life Patterns in Your Current Life

I identify a negative life pattern as a situation or a set of circumstances that repeats itself regularly within your life and which is constricting or controlling. Such as relationships breaking up in a particular way, being repeatedly overlooked for promotion, losing things all the time, having accidents that always follow a similar pattern and so on. When a negative pattern keeps presenting itself to you in your day to day life it is a reminder that you are still working to put some part of yourself back into alignment. From my own experience there appear to be a number of originating causes responsible for their appearance. Please understand that these subdivisions are (in some ways) just a convenient presentation to help you come to a greater understanding of these areas. There are many overlaps and grey areas. So, keep this in mind as we now look at some examples:

How You Suppress Your Emotions

These arise whenever we have failed to truly express our feelings in any situation. Whenever we have suppressed anger or sadness or fear or frustration and so on, they are stored within us until we open to them and allow them out. These stored energies are constricting our expression; they are tying up our energies in storage when they would be more useful to us in other capacities (in love for example or to help us to be creative). We usually (although not always) also have the debilitating conditioning that caused this suppression and storage in the first place. So, if we have had many lifetimes not expressing our frustration then we may find ourselves placed in frustrating situations now to help us fully express the original frustration from those former times. In cases like this expressing the ‘lost’ emotion, whatever it may be, must not be seen as negative as this is facilitating us to reclaim parts of ourselves that we formerly disowned. The Releasing all Negativity statement that you will find in the next chapter will facilitate this process. Some examples:

I often find that some of the negative entities that I am dealing with are from other lifetimes where I did not express what I felt to others. My Spirit Support Team support the presence of these negative entities as it reminds me of what I refused to express during that lifetime. Their presence in my energy field helps to bring out these old suppressed feelings, so that I can let go of them, as soon as I do this then I can proceed with releasing the entity itself.

Experiencing ourselves what we have been responsible for others experiencing:

Or, to put it another way, what you sow you reap (balancing up your Karma). For example, if in a previous lifetime you had given others no peace, nagged them and disturbed them constantly then you would perhaps experience the same in this lifetime (you are balancing that imbalance by experiencing that extreme). This could be through a parent or partner or it may be delivered in a more subtle way without the requirement of another person. Some examples:

Using the statement Committing to Resolving your Issues Faster may help, although it is a good idea to check with your guidance as it may just make things more intense but for a shorter time. These are usually time dependent issues; that is, you have to put up with them for a certain length of time.

How Past Life Trauma is carried over from Past Lives & other Existences:

Many of us are here on Earth at this time to face what I call original trauma. This is trauma that you experienced and received on a much higher energy or dimensional level. No Karma was involved and neither did you attract this trauma to you. In some instances the trauma was experienced as the result of an accident. As each dimensional level or energy realm has a different set of operating parameters that are (in most cases) much more Divinely aligned and therefore much more loving, accepting and flowing, then it is often difficult (if not impossible) to deal with the trauma on the level that it was received. Earth however is designed to supply (if necessary) a high level of trauma and suffering. Also as Karma is designed to automatically present you with everything you need to become fully aligned and in balance then if you arrive here with an original trauma in your baggage then Karma will automatically work to put you in situations to try and facilitate you to clear it (convenient eh!).

Soul Birth Traumas and Imprints:

Another little known fact is that most of us are soul parents and have soul children on other levels. You can only undertake to have a soul child while in the higher soul form levels. Soul births are a reality and any problems that we experience at soul birth then become an integral part of who we are at the deepest levels of our being. These problems then tend to express themselves wherever we choose to focus our consciousness. A soul birth trauma that I experienced made it difficult for me to connect with people on a deep level and also gave me a tendency to not express my emotions fully. Soul birth imprints are to do with energy thought imprints that are impressed into your energy field during your soul incubation. This imprint then behaves like a background programme that affects you at a very deep level. An example:

Taking Responsibilities that are not Ours:

We forget that we are only responsible for ourselves. We forget that everything is perfect and creatively unfolding. We forget that each person in every instant chooses exactly what he or she will experience. Some examples:

Not Being Able to Let Go:

Sometimes we spend so long as a particular Being living in a way that we really love or perhaps in an environment that we really enjoy that we are unable to let go of it when we take on other forms and live in other environments. An example:

One friend constantly complains about being human, she dislikes being here and talks often about her previous existence as an Olfarian, a deep energy ocean Being living on the seventh dimensional level. However when we explored this existence, she realised that she had kept to herself there, she did not mix, she felt different (she did have characteristics that made her very unique amongst the Olfarians). What she realised was that she did the same in that existence, she had held onto characteristics from the existence before that one and spent her time complaining about not wanting to be an Olfarian and how good it was as the Being she was previously. So, when is she going to fully step into being and living in the NOW and enjoying what each life offers, this is her goal in this lifetime.

So, there you have some of the main causes of recurring life patterns. Sometimes it is difficult for people to accept that these things are lovingly engineered by ourselves to provide us with the opportunity to grow. Whatever you choose to react to, whatever you cannot accept, whatever keeps coming back to you, is doing so to help you change, evolve and grow. Understand that whenever you blame others for anything in your life then it is a reminder that you have not yet dealt with something within yourself. What you experience is your responsibility, no one else’s. When you do take responsibility and deal with it then that facet of your life will simply disappear, as if it had never existed.