Soul Conception, Incubation and Birth

In this section we are trying to make you aware of the soul creation process. As creating new souls is not an isolated experience then many of you are soul parents.

Although there are variations to the soul creation process which to a certain extent relate to the background of the soul parents and soul culture we will give a general composite picture here.

To create a new soul, one or more Beings come together to give part of their own energy material to create this new form. This process is delicate. It requires that the soul parents have a commitment to carrying through this process to support the newly emerging energy Being as it comes into consciousness. Where more than one Being is an energy contributor then each would be required to work with and support the new form to help integrate their contribution of material with the others. All material has to merge and integrate for the new Being to become whole and reach a stable level of coherence.

The incubating soul that is contained within a secure energy birthing vessel would therefore expect to be the focus of loving attention during this period. In this respect and to use our limited earth based terminology a special, meditative, calm and relaxed space would be preferred for the duration of this process.

OK, the above represents the best overall interaction and environment to support a new soul. We have also came across many souls whose creation has been marred in one way or another. The following can cause trauma or misalignments; a soul parent going missing during the incubation process, negative thought form intrusions, soul parent expectations, Beings creating souls that they can then have control over, soul creations as an experiment (We have come across quite a few of these), souls created with built in agendas or allegiances and souls created for specific purposes. So, we now explore all of these and more in the following sections.

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