Some Notes & Advice on Psychic Protection

OK, some of you may find this section quite difficult. There are many factors at work that determine whether or not it is a good idea to protect yourself. In essence the more you are truly connected to your GOD SELF PRESENCE the less need there is to take a protective stance.

When you are less connected, operating more from ego, conditioning and so forth and more importantly, have issues that make you vulnerable and open to entity disturbances then it is very wise to take precautions. However to diligently continue to use protection after these issues have been resolved only serves to tell the universe that you are afraid on some level and this will quite possibly result in you creating a reality that will quite happily provide you with disturbances. There are many catch twenty-two elements in this area. In essence different approaches should be considered both as unfolding circumstances dictate as well as with respect to how your inner understandings change regarding these issues.

Some Examples of How Psychic Protection can be Limiting Your Understandings

Someone who came to me for an initiation and training had a car drive into the back of her when she left afterwards. When we explored this we found that she always put protection up, asked the universe for particular outcomes (these arise from having fears) and she always kept the car immersed in an energy barrier. This is a difficult one to explain, but in essence at a certain point in your spiritual development you have to let go of all control and move fully into FLOW and TRUST. Reaching your DIVINE SELF is about being at home and secure within yourself and able to cope with everything that happens to and around you and FLOWING with it IN THE MOMENT. Now it is a different matter to never use protection and then one day in the car suddenly realising that an accident is flowing down from the future and you then choose to avoid it (in the FLOW) because you decide not to experience that reality.

Is Psychic Protection a Sign of Spiritual Insecurity?

To take this even further at a certain point even beyond that you may IN THE FLOW lovingly make the choice to experience having the accident and to go through all that it entails. So, using protection in many circumstances is another way of sending a loud message to the creator that you are insecure within.

Another colleague was always habitually ‘scanning’ her environment to check for interference, negative energies or entities and so forth. This was almost an automatic unconscious process. She was always aware of who her guides were and where they were around her at any particular time. However at a certain point she started to complain that her teams were changing in the middle of workshops at critical times and disrupting her flow. I pointed out that there would be no disruption if she did not choose to check up on everything all the time. The disruption was only created by her reaction to what she saw. Her guides were doing this deliberately to make her aware of this checking issue. After consciously resisting checking for a while, she then experienced very strong negative interference. This nasty subtle energetic device/implant and the entity in charge of it turned out to be from the original higher level existence where all this had started from.

Are you constantly on guard, scanning for danger ALL THE TIME?

In the original existence regular scanning and checking to avoid these things was appropriate. However the constant need to be vigilant eventually caused this to become an ingrained habit. Now however, as she is intent on resolving all that holds her separate from her Divine Self, allowing it to come into full view allows both the interference and all related trauma and conditioning to be fully dealt with forever. Her current focus on checking and using protection had prevented this thing from turning up as it was designed to be sneaky. Only when she decided to relax, trust and be in tune in the moment could it appear and be fully dealt with, in doing this she has now moved into a completely different space.

I am aware that the above examples will fly in the face of what many healers would either understand or endorse and having been there myself I can fully appreciate this.

Becoming Aware of When & Why you need to use Psychic Protection the Downside the Negative Side of Psychic Protection

So, I am not saying stop protecting yourself if this is what feels right for you. At the same time try and become more aware of why you need to use psychic protection – what is the underlying factor. Explore your feelings about this. Again honesty is the best and most appropriate tool to facilitate you in this. Are you always going to be bound by your fears, insecurities and anxieties, are you going to stay limited by them or is it time to face them?

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  1. wendy Ingram
    September 8, 2015 @ 6:39 am

    Thank you for your help I feel lighter in spirit and hopefully I can pass through the light of day with self confidence thank you so much wendi


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