The UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS Foundation Keys Explained

We present to you a number of keys in this chapter which will not only introduce you to this way of working but will also function as a good foundation to your movement into ALL THAT YOU ARE In UNITY. For each of you this journey will be different, reflecting how much you have embedded yourself in the myths and illusions perpetuated here and other places, how open you are to taking this journey, as well as how this journey can be pencilled in as part of your mission schedule here.

The keys are structured or layered to make it easier for you to visualise or feel the relationships between them. The first key will facilitate you to embrace ALL THAT YOU ARE in UNITY, the next in letting go of ALL THAT YOU ARE in SEPARATION or issues promoting separation. It is presented in this way as there are many who through steadfastly focusing on facing their LIGHTNESS have become blinded in the dazzle and don’t realise that they have their jacket caught in the door of their DARKNESS. For the issues of separation, we present not one, but three keys for you to work with, each covering an individual and recognisable sub-area of separation or misalignment. The following chapters expand on each of these four areas to provide you with keys that can provide a laser beam like focus to many individual facets held within these.

Your journey into your Divine Self is very much like a balloon ride. Imagine yourself in a hot air balloon nicely drifting along in the air currents. Now if you want to go higher you have a choice of throwing out some sand bags (these represent all that is holding you back, your attachments, your fears, your unacknowledged dark side) or you can pull on the gas cord (this represents you moving into and embracing your Higher Aspects, higher energies and so on). It is true to say that the balloon cannot achieve the best height without addressing both of these factors and this is also true of anyone wishing to move fully into their DIVINE NATURE.

To move fully into DIVINE UNION requires that you take a balanced approach and work with both of these areas. Some then work with their dark areas too seriously and intently without at times working to raise their energies directly. On the other hand, it is also true that many think that keeping themselves transfixed on the light will enable them to avoid all the messy bits when this is NOT so.

A balanced line is to work positively on your negative areas as well as positively on your positive areas. I know this as I was originally very embedded in the negative and had to focus very strongly on this area to get up to speed. Hence you will notice that these areas are very comprehensively covered within this book. It took me over a year to stop looking over my shoulder all the time and to work from a much more balanced perspective.

So, in the following sections we present these four Keys for you to work with. Please use them with focus and intent. If you want to raise your energies to enhance their effects then use whichever invocation you resonate with from chapter nine before working with them. Use them as a declaration and use them knowing that they work to move you closer to your TRUE, DIVINE and UNIFIED SELF.

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