What can different Evolving and Healing Energies deal with

People who are transforming are working either directly or indirectly with energies to facilitate this. There are many different energies available for us to tap into and use. Some of these are packaged and are offered as defined energy systems in their own right. All of these systems vary widely in what they are capable of with respect to healing, evolving and transforming. Here I will briefly cover all the different areas within which healing and evolving energies are being used effectively.

Some energies being used by healers and energy workers are more effective in dealing with the physical, mental and emotional areas. However, when disturbances in these areas are of a multidimensional or spiritual origin then those healers and energy workers more focused on evolving will have more successful outcomes. Those truly focused on evolving themselves will be facilitating people to face all that they are and bring them closer to WHO THEY TRULY ARE, their GOD SELF.

Understand that I am not making judgements about what is better or worse as there is nothing that is better or worse than anything else. There is only what is more or less aligned with what YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF. This information is being presented to raise your awareness, give you more understanding and perhaps allow you to be more discerning.

So, the full range of areas that healers, energy workers, therapists and evolvers collectively cover is as follows:

Mechanical and Physical Problems:

These result from injury, stress, wear and tear to diseases of aging such as arthritis, bad circulation, heart conditions. Also general illnesses like colds and flu as well as physical symptoms resulting from suppressing emotions within this lifetime. We could also include genetic disorders here.

Mental and Emotional Health Issues:

This is a split area as many symptoms that present themselves in this category can be side effects of increased multidimensional awareness or karmic and spiritual issues or higher level trauma as well as symptoms of DIVINE transformation. This is the crossover point between therapists and healers and those focused on evolving into their GOD SELVES and who are facilitating others to do the same.

Karmic Issues:

These originate whenever you have slipped out of alignment with your DIVINE NATURE. When this behaviour is repeated over many lifetimes this can create en-grained attitudes and habits which also need to be re-aligned. Some here have to resolve all their Karmic issues, while others don’t; this depends on your mission here and what you need to complete it.

Karmic Incidents:

These are not full-blown issues but are generally to do with ‘one off’ situations. They relate to times when we have got too tied up in the physical reality and reacted in ways that have not been fully honouring to either ourselves or others. For example losing your temper is one thing but then going on to gun someone down is another. I suppose they can be seen as arising due to temporary losses of spiritual integrity.

Original Trauma Issues:

Sometimes you have come to this level to deal with a trauma that you received on a much higher level. In this case it has nothing to do with Karma but was either accidental or situational. As this level is very traumatic it can provide perfect training for those wishing to come to terms with traumas that they were unequipped to deal with elsewhere. They choose lifetimes here that allow similar matching traumas to be experienced giving them the understanding and expertise to fully deal with the original. Hence the usefulness of Karma in facilitating this.

Soul Growth Duality Issues:

This particular physical existence conveniently amplifies duality misalignments so that we are made more aware of what we need to resolve in these areas. Those that we readily identify with are Child Adult, Masculine Feminine and Positive Negative. These more obvious presentations, of what on other levels are more subtle, makes them unavoidable here.

Soul Growth Challenges:

These are challenges we have given ourselves to progress as souls. They are part of your soul’s education program. These can affect us on any level and we take them on by choice.

Spiritual Agreement Issues:

These are to do with tasks that you take on for the spiritual good of all. Some examples:

Facing Your Dark Side:

The majority of us have had many lifetimes involved in the ‘Dark Side’. In other words we have induced fear and we have manipulated and controlled others. Many people making an effort to transform are intensely focused on facing the light when in fact they should be intensely focused on facing themselves. As we are of the light then there is always light behind our darkness. We just have to have the courage to face it and pass through it.

Soul Creation, Parent and Family Issues:

These seem to be the most problematical. They are the cause of major issues, traumas and constrictions within many people and as a result are the indirect cause of almost everything else.

Transforming into your DIVINE SELF:

This requires a focused drive to achieve this. It requires that one let go of absolutely everything, to hold onto nothing, to move completely into the unknown. You can only reach this point by UNIFYING all misalignments within yourself, within ALL THAT YOU ARE on all levels and all existences. Nothing less than this is required.

Dealing with Collective Conditioning:

It is paradoxical somewhat to find that you can get into the UNIFIED part but still can be pushed around by the energy conditioning that permeates all. This is another area that has to be encompassed to be fully free particularly for those of us who are here to bring into being new ways of living. What we mean here is the larger scale energy clouds that permeate our environment rather than personal conditioning.