Self Healing Book Reviews

Gets right to the point

(A Reader from Amazon uk)

I was led to read this book by a series of so-called coincidences and I’m glad I did. It rings true for me and that’s my litmus test for this kind of material.

The book cuts through a lot of fluff and garbage and gets right to the point: Everyone is a spiritual being, everyone has power, and everyone has the right to be free of constraints, controls, and limitations that prevent us from reaching our full potential. I don’t think I’ve ever read any spiritual self help book which so frankly places the power and responsibility in the hands of the individual, rather than handing it over wholesale to spirit guides and angels and other ethereal helpers.

On the most practical end, the book is full of numerous specific, carefully worded statements that can be put out to promote one’s spiritual advancement and freedom. Anyone who knows anything about manifestation and so-called “magick” understands how important correct wording is, so these statements are very handy.

There is a lot of material here that will sound like complete and utter nonsense to those not already acquainted with matters of spirit, but to those who are already on a spiritual path and who are drawn to the concept of self empowerment, this may be for you.

Realise your own freedom

(Samuel from Sweden)

I was tired of spiritual leaders and paths that led me to disappointment so I was looking for a way to connect with my own spirituality and power and got attracted to this “do it yourself” approach. I waited for one year, reading the stuff on the soul-healer web site 2-3 times before I had the courage to trust enough to take a closer look at this book. I then bought it with the PUF and my communication with beings in spirit improved rapidly together with the sense of me driving my vehicle instead of sitting in the back seat.

For all of you who are tired of the fluffy paths with people that chicken-out when the going gets tough . . . For all of you who still have the flame for freedom burning . . . I would like to say that this is the real thing, this is what you have been looking for . . . I know that this will sound similar like all other paths but if you are like me then you will ‘hear’ in the way I write that I am honest. I wish I could show you all the things I have experienced since buying this book but the best way to learn things is to try it yourself.

I can heal myself

(Kelly from UK)

I have to say your book has been a complete treasure, it doesn’t matter what I’m working on there is something in that book to help or sort it. It’s a well used tome and I’ve added my own statements in when needed too.

A book for real change

(Goran from Sweden)

This book is for those who have the courage and determination to change, not only the outward parts of this life but also the patterns, energies etc. that are shaping and have shaped their life. This approach is new, fresh and actually works! This is an advanced handbook to set you on a course of real, lasting and effective change that can only be realized by your own hard work. If you are brave and determined enough you can accomplish anything but first you have to change all that is you.

If you really want to move beyond your current life’s perceived boundaries, limits, challenges, traumas and negative life patterns then this could be the book for you. Take the step and see what happens!

Get ready for the ride of your life

(Ace from Los Angeles, California, USA)

There are many books out there that will let you skim the surface. But if you really want to look and deal with spiritual issues on a core level, then this is the book for you. The author does not believe in dogmatic, fixed solutions. You basically state what you need to achieve spiritually and say that you are open to all possibilities of achieving that goal. Then the fun begins!

This book introduces you to more concepts concerning your spirituality than most any other book out there. I should know, I have been through the gamut. From lightbody to druids to astrology, to tarot, to Scientology, to Power vs. Force by David Hawkins.

I particularly appreciate both the author’s toughness and the purity of his intention to empower others.

True healing and Spiritual progress

(Sharon. P from Wales)

The book has both information and methods of how to spiritually progress and heal. Using Clive’s system, you heal from the original cause, so nothing gets buried or missed. This can take courage and perseverance, but in my experience it’s definitely worth the effort. I have been working with this book after an initiation for sometime, my spiritual awareness continues to increase, I am constantly resolving my health problems, and am aware of working through my issues daily. My family as a unit has greatly benefited also. Working with Clive and the energies he uses, has and is helping my children enormously with their own issues. If you feel drawn to this book like I did, you may well have something to gain from it, I certainly did !!!!!

Personal development

(Alan Coleman from Scotland)

Like any spiritual journey, a book, a healer, an encounter etc. can be life changing. Working with healing energies is a personal journey and the energies Clive provides have been good for me. They helped me start on my journey and my communications / intents continue to help me on a daily basis to deal with my life and all that this entails (including the loss of my wife/ soul mate to cancer – her journey). A book is as good as the reader, so I say, if you are drawn to it (let your instinct flow) then give it a go.

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