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Please Note

I’m presenting this as a free book for those whom want to take some proactive stance with regards their own issues as well as of having some ‘realistic’ information with regards beings in spirits, entity attachments and such like. The knowledge presented in the book was a very important part of my own journey that led me beyond itself.

So, please NOTE I’m working in a very different way now and I’m working full time with a small group of clients to find out why some people cannot resolve their issues or why some peoples lives just get worse and worse no matter what they do. As ALL of my attention and time during this current phase is on doing this AND  as the causes of MANY difficult issues have been buried by healing and therapy solutions applied in the distant past in attempts to resolve these then it can take months (and in some cases years to undo the accumulation of energies and barriers of past healing attempts) BEFORE a ‘real’ resolution is possible.

Healing Sessions and help

So, please appreciate that I DO appreciate there are lots of people in VERY difficult circumstances and I’m working to find solutions to these with some dedicated clients to achieve this. However, I’m very unhappy about diverting my attention with regards this and as such I wont respond to questions about healing issues or cries for help presented as COMMENTS either here or on my others sites because using comments is NOT the means to do this (they will be deleted). I work with people full time (for years) to resolve ALL issues and I always have a waiting list.

If you do want help AND are serious about engaging with your issues then start by reading this page here and if you are serious about resolving them then also read this page here, both these pages are on my web site.