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A brief overview of the How to Heal Yourself healing book

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This book offers exercises, understandings, advice, real life examples, inner support and effective INTENTS to align and empower the reader to identify, work with and resolve limiting issues, life challenges, traumas and so on.

It is for those whom wish to better understand themselves both as an energy and multidimensional being . . .

. . . . and whom want to learn to work with and align to divine support while aiming to become all that they are in unity.

I describe this as ‘Soul Transformation‘ and a movement into ‘Unity’ Consciousness.

Learning to Align your Intent & Will to facilitate & Improve Self Awareness, Spiritual Development & Self Understanding

It includes many useful and carefully worded ‘Statements of Intent’ to support a movement, attitude and understanding to not only help resolve issues but to align you in ways that encourage the development of self empowerment, openness and awareness while also helping you to move beyond beliefs, attitudes, ideas and understandings that are holding you to boundaries that may limit both your spiritual growth and your abilities to fully reclaim yourself.

Facilitates you to Heal Yourself While Improving Self Awareness of Inner States & the Subtle Realms

This is a handbook for you to work with that acts as a guide in your own multidimensional self healing in the following ways;

  • Become aware of more of yourself beyond the boundaries of this physical body, this human life and even this particular reality with exercises to help you do this, including to protect yourself while you are doing this work.
  • Take on these larger concepts and to not only perhaps conceptually step beyond these boundaries but to actually start to become more sensitive and directly engaged with these.
  • Understanding that the cause of some of what you may be experiencing as limits, problems, challenges, traumas and difficult patterns in your life here may in fact originate from beyond your physical body and this life’s boundaries and so may be in an ‘energy’ body, a past life or maybe even in another reality entirely and that they need to be dealt with where they originate else they won’t be properly resolved.
  • With examples and understandings to identify possible causes of issues while providing focuses and approaches to help you align with and resolve these.
  • To not only align your mind, your understanding and your attitudes but to provide established means to invoke guides and support that can help you bridge these none physical boundaries in a safe, effective and a self exploring ‘aligned’ way while having the expertise and abilities to help you in alignment with what you are asking for.
  • This book is not about ‘this is the way’ but about offering an emphasis on helping you move beyond your boundaries of knowledge, information and understanding.

This book takes a direction with an emphasis on revealing what is limiting you, what is holding you back both within and without yourself. Only by having these limits revealed do you stand any chance at all of resolving them.

This book will appeal to someone with no or little experience whom wants a head start in terms of advice and orientation it as well as medium to advanced self explorers and healers whom want to go deeper, push their boundaries, stimulate a stronger movement or are ready for broader understanding. There are lots of ‘assumptions’ made of ALL of the spiritual areas and this is one of the few books trying to give people a foundation of TRUE openness. It’s not about ‘This is IT’ but about ‘What is IT?’.

The E-Book Covers Topics that will facilitate Personal Healing & Transformation as well Awareness of the Subtle ‘Matrix’ Reality

Just to give you an idea of the scope, range and depth of both information and areas it provides orientation, help and advice on . . .

Past Lives and Soul Levels;

You are informed about past and other lives and the possible debilitating influences that they might have on you here, the different soul levels within some of the larger multiverse and how to best align to resolve issues within each and examples of doing this.

Negative and Debilitating;

Lots of advice on how to deal with and work to resolve things like difficult and long term entity attachments (A whole chapter), inviting back soul fragments, lots on releasing yourself from ingrained conditioning, attitudes, negative patterns and such like. Breaking past affiliations and alignments, facing your dark side, karma, negativity and so on.

Balance and Alignments;

There are sections on balancing duality aspects; male V female / positive V negative / child V adult, keeping grounded, breaking from past now limiting paths and approaches, cults, gods, goddesses and so on.

Emotions and Trauma;

Including sections on death and dying, sexuality and dealing with different feelings including fear, anger and guilt.

Energy Blocks;

Clearing spells, curses, vows, contracts and more; which can cause little debilitations like having no money (vows of poverty), or zero sexuality (chastity), or disastrous relationships (spell from estranged lover), or bad luck in business (curse from a previous existence).

Soul Purpose and origins;

Help to better align you to your soul purpose, your divine mission as well as soul capabilities, skills and qualities and clear anything standing on the way of these. Information on soul birth, soul twins, soul parentage and soul cultures with examples of challenges that originate within these levels and how to approach dealing with them.

Healer Practitioner Advice;

There is a full chapter for practising energy healers that offers practitioner statements of INTENT to attract stronger more effective energies to disconnect from old or misaligned energies or systems, advice on working with clients and much more. It is therefore ideal as a support book for both starting or experienced healers wanting to maintain a momentum of growth and development both for themselves and what they can offer clients.

And MORE . . . . . . .

As one reader says; “This book introduces you to more concepts concerning your spirituality than most any other books out there.” and this is true. For more details of the book then read the contents page or perhaps the page that presents the main topics and focuses.

If you want to have some idea of where the focus and alignment of this book took me to in terms of opening my healing capability and multidimensional awareness then check out the client audio sessions on RealityWalker as these will give you some indications of these in action with current clients

Examples of Healer Practitioner Client Sessions:

These articles all include mp3 audio files of healing sessions with clients as they were taken through resolving some healing issue. As in all sessions we access the origins of the healing issue then we end up encountering a huge range of interesting situations within the subtle and spiritual realms and dimensions. All sessions are about us interacting directly with what we encounter to bring the issue to a resolution. Often within these audio’s of healing sessions the clients awareness is also fully engage with the multidimensional landscape that we are dealing with too. These are all VERY interesting.

  1. Reiki; Healing systems and healing illusions
  2. The Egyptian Goddess & great pyramid encounter
  3. A Monster Demon & Entity Attachment Causing Relationship Problems
  4. Breaking a protection spell from past lives as a witch
  5. Past life problem with the ‘god’ of another world
  6. Purple Leprechauns cause healing session confusion
  7. Clearing blocks to recovering and feeling emotions
  8. Recovering parts of self hidden in magical dimensions

I also have an entire article series of 20 pages here: The Spiritual Causes of Poverty & Money Issues: An Extended Healing Therapy Session Example showing where this approach ‘eventually’ led to in experience and competence terms to help other people resolve debilitating issues.

And a little about the Author of the Book of Self Healing ?

The author Clive Hetherington was originally a medical research scientist by profession fully steeped in and living the scientific model until an awakening experience jolted him to eventually fully live and explore the new age / spiritual / energy healing / lightworker / God Consciousness model. In his terms he became a really real scientist; a true explorer of the unknown.

With a primary life focus for 28 years to understand and fully resolve the origins of his own limiting issues; this book offers his experience of all that was necessary to encompass an important part of his search and journey to do this a true journey of awakening and soul transformation like no other . . . .

For more about the Author his life and experiences then read the About the Author page.

The Original Book Version was  the ‘Advanced Handbook of Soul Transformation’

This book was originally published as a real paper book by Treepax Publishing. While in this paper incarnation it’s title was; ‘The Multidimensional Hitch Hikers Guide to Unity Consciousness‘. I changed the main name because although this title aptly describes this book to me I have since realised that this probably wont make sense to many others. Hence it has changed to something a little more obvious.

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